Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am now one of "those" people.

Last week something special arrived in the mail for me. For me. For only me.

That never happens.

Beings that we have gotten rid of our land phone line and that Rick has a nice little cell phone, I needed (desperately) to get a decent cell phone. I could go into the "why"s about getting one, but I think we all know how much times have changed. It's also really cool to have if you just want to feel safer. Plus, being able to stare at a tiny screen instead of looking straight ahead at the person staring at you while sitting on the light rail is kind of sweet, too.
Having the ability to listen to music while on your commute to work helps a ton, too.

So, about 2 weeks ago I was given some awesome advice: to just go out and get the older model of the iPhone.
No way, I thought. No way I could afford that plus c'mon it's an iPhone.. everyone has an iPhone.
But for $49?!??!
I bought an mp3 player that broke within 2 weeks that cost a few dollars more than that.
Naturally, I had to purchase it and I had to figure out what sort of phone plan to get. None are cheap so I even scoured around the internet for at least a week looking at Androids, LGs and godknowswhatelse. I kept comparing prices and plans...
The iPhone kept sticking out.

Let me say this, I am not a cell phone lover. I hate the idea of being accessible 24/7 whether I'm at work, taking a poop on the toilet, trying to sleep, or just simply don't want to be bothered at all.

But now, I am accessible 24/7 and with Nat's recent emergency, I'm so happy I am.
There was no catch. The phone was only 49 clams (yum.clams). I'm kind of a texter, so I opted for the lowest available minutes with unlimited texting.
Thank you iPhone for making my life easier. Seriously... and it's only been a week.
I.... heart..... you.

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