Saturday, November 13, 2010

what I really want for Christmas.

I have a silly confession.
I really really REALLY want a fake white Christmas tree this year.

Like. Really.
I would prefer an old aluminum silver tree like what I grew up with but I don't think they make those bad boys anymore. Gosh I remember the millions of pieces that it came in.. each branch of shiny silvery awesomeness tucked inside individual brown paper bag sleeves.
It was probably the world's best fire hazard especially when those very large and very hot LIGHT BULB Christmas lights were added around it.
So the best thing I can think of is to get a $40 white tree this year.
Last year I reused someone's broken $10 pre-lit tiny tree. The pre-lit part no longer worked so I took the actual tree out of it's base and stuck it in a vase of rocks, positioned the tree, and vi-o-la.
It fell over about 2 times a day, knocking the ornaments off and that's when I threw it away the evening of Christmas and never looked back.

So this year we'll get something sort of tacky looking. I don't care. The tackier the better in my book.
I may even tightly gift wrap our entire front door just for kicks too. And make homemade fruit cake.

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