Friday, November 12, 2010

What are my kids watching?

"Charlie and Lola".. has anyone seen this show before? This show..I'm not sure what to really think of it. I know that Natalie loves it and has learned very well to hate all vegetables because Lola does and Lola is an asshole. This show... it involves two British kids, with very thick British accents where Charlie, the older brother, is more tolerable than his little sister, Lola. Kind of like the complete opposite of "Caillou". Oh Rosie, you cutie pie. How I wish Lola could take notes from you Rosie.. even though you are all cartoon characters. Also here were go again, where are THE PARENTS in this show? This is a reoccurring trend with so many children's shows these days. "Toot and Puddle" is kind of freaky..I mean at least with "Olivia" the other pig show her parents are around, as annoying as they are.. sort of trying to take Olivia's thunder in the show. But still, the parents are around. Poor lonely Toot and Puddle..
So..parentless kids roaming around, taking care of the house, cooking for and looking after the younger sibling constantly.. meanwhile WHERE ARE THE PARENTS? "Max and Ruby"is another one that involves parentless young characters who fit the previous description. Occasionally, the grandma stops by to give 2 or 3 year old Max red hot marshmellow squirter candies and accepts lop-sided cakes from Ruby, which is nice because at least someone is catching up on these kids. Ruby also sucks as the big sister because she sends Max to the grocery store all by himself.
Then there's a whole other category of children's shows involving grown up men, wearing heavy flesh-colored makeup that play with pretend blue dogs and shovels. Let's also not forget the new "Cat in the Hat Knows Alot About That" where a pretty scary looking black cat, has kids leave their homes to look for something, demands that his "jigamawizzer" on the Thingamajigger be flicked. How can you not just think of Jay-Z and "jigga whaaaa?"
Another cartoon "Sid the Science Kid" is actually really freaky too because why does the grandma, this poor old lady, have to always pick up Sid from school when both parents, especially the dad, are already home..doing nothing? The father especially. He's home when Sid goes to school and he's home when he gets out of school. And he's always fixing lightbulbs. I would really like to know what Sid's father does for a living, other than changing lightbulbs.
I would also like to know what Curious George's owner does for a living where he can provide for a monkey, a penthouse apartment in New York, and a country cottage upstate?
And "Clifford".. does he have a pituitary gland issue? Clifford could eat his whole town and no one is scared of him?
"Dinosaur Train" has an abducted T-rex mixed into a family of pteranodons.. a T-rex that one day I know will eat them all in one sitting.
Usually I tune these shows out and it's fantastic background noise. But lately, these shows have really made me think... what the hell are the creators thinking?

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