Thursday, November 18, 2010

if it's not broken don't fix it unless it's broken and well if it is broken yeah you should totally fix that.

Some days I contemplate leaving Blogger and using something else, like Wordpress or whatever other cool and more hip blog hosts are. Actually, Blogger isn't so bad. I just don't like how they still haven't figured out any easy way to centralize my header font, for example. Or better yet, let me use a better blog header.
But for now, I am leaving it alone for a while and just enjoying it. No more fiddling around with it. At least for a few more days. I promise. I think.
But always know I'm never totally happy with this blog layout even if I say I am.

So yeah, how about that new job I got?
I'm not very slick with keeping mum about stuff like that so I hinted about it for a few days that something cool and exciting may (or may not? oh geez) be happening. But now that things are settling more into the official category I feel more comfortable putting it out there.
I don't want to go into too many details, because I haven't even started my first day of work yet, but it's a housekeeping spot at a really nice assisted living home. I am actually really excited about this. Not only do I feel fortunate to get my foot in the door, but this is a company I could see myself sticking with and moving up within as time passes. Housekeeping, especially now, is right up my alley especially I am a borderline crazy when it comes to germs, sanitation and all things related. Bleach? cleaning? scrubbing? that's my language. And hopefully as I prove myself worthy, which I feel good about (I know I'm totally just pattin' my back over here) I will be able to finish off my college degree and hopefully move upward. There has been some talk about that coming from a few.. mainly from me because I just love to talk.. but I can say that I feel great about this company. I'm actually excited.
Rick, my poor husband, will now take the reign as the stay at home mom. Err..parent. Sorry honey.
Anywhichway.. yes, he will take over and I'm sure will do just fine. He's actually just as excited as I am. This poor guy has been beat up so badly from construction work that he needs some time to rest. In the meantime, he's searching for something that will revolve around my SET (yes..OMG it's SET) schedule and that shouldn't be too hard. If he can find something reasonable by the end of next month we should be fine.
I will finally be able to spend most of my day having adult conversation. Know what else has me giddy? a half an hour lunch break. A HALF AN HOUR LUNCH BREAK WHERE I SIT DOWN AND EAT AND EVERYTHING.
Seriously ya'll.. what will I do with my newfound freedom? And also? I will get to use the bathroom without a tiny person following me inside and starting up a chat with me while I try to take a dump.

That alone is every reason to celebrate.


Valerie E said...

I'm so happy for you girl. Getting your foot in the door is always key to a promotion within the company itself. I just forewarn you, wear your PPE (personal protective equipment) because the chemical fumes are not like any other. You'll likely be mixing chemicals so beware that the concentration may be a bit potent to your eyes and nose at first. Also, if they don't provide surgical masks, I suggest you buy some, because until you are used to the smells you may react to them differently.
Congrats girl and I wish you all the luck in the world, as always!

Chicke3 said...

YAY Congrats!!! Im soooo excited for you!!!! :-D