Friday, October 15, 2010

totally random and everything.

In no particular order these are things that I keep forgetting to mention and MUST MUST document. Because they're that important. Okay, some aren't but still. Ah whatever.

**James has another sty on his eye and this time it looked way worse than before and it only took a few days to look worse than before. We were armed with bacteria ass kicking eye drops this time so that saved a trip to the doctors. He's been letting me put them into his eyes since yesterday and it already looks better. I knew it was infected.. and sho nuff it was.
He really needs to stop touching his eyes all of the time. This is like his 3rd one this year.
He really needs to stop eating his cars too. And licking his sisters's face.

**James called his teacher a "poo poo head" in class the other day and then laughed at her right after saying it. I had a long talk with him about it.. just about how he hurt her feelings and that it just wasn't cool at all. What irks me the most about this is that he laughed after saying it to her face. I don't think he'll do it again and I think what fueled this was that he was really tired that day. When he hasn't had enough sleep the night before he gets evil. Not as evil as Natalie..but close.
But also to take away from giving him a reason for it..I think he was just acting like a jerk that day.
But I love my little jerk. He's been pretty well-behaved since.

**On a more positive note, James has been kicking ass with using the potty.. I feel funny saying "potty" to an almost-5 year old. When can I just say "toilet"?
He doesn't expect any reward after using it for the awesome #2 so our lollipop stock just when down.

**Natalie has been living in her really old bee costume (with stains all over it because I can't even wash it) with yellow high heels lately. She's a "bee princess" (get it right) and she's unstoppable with the fashion-sense. As I've mentioned to others before, those play shoes do not look comfy at all. I just don't get how she can wear them all day long. But in Natalie's fashionable world, the pain is worth it I guess.

**I still haven't heard anything else about the state job that I'm in the running for. I know that my chances are greater that I'll get it because I made it past phase 2 of the testing. I feel really good about it. I passed the  typing test with a 66 WPM and zero error result (the minimum required is 50 WPM) and got a 100% on the math portion and then had to write a really long essay/questionnaire/answer thing. I now have to wait for another week or so to see if I get the interview. Oh I hope I do!

**We've looked into daycares around here and I'm not impressed whatsoever with their pricing. I keep forgetting to add, at first glance of the prices, that we have 2 kids. Not 1. So we're looking at an average of $1000 to $1500 per month for childcare. Totally and utterly caaarazy. Yeeesh.

**I want to go into the whole not-being-able-to-pay-our-bills-situation but don't have the mental energy. I just don't. This week was full of lows and highs..mostly lows and I'm kind of done with worrying. Worrying has gotten me no where but ill. Physically ill. I spent last week and this week with this unbearable stomach pain. It was a deep sharp pain in the middle of my stomach 24/7. Couldn't eat. Couldn't sleep. It only resulted in me being an asshole to everyone and everything.. yes "everything" because I got so upset I even broke our phone ... er...on purpose. I've never done that before. Horrible joke here, but for a few days there was no phone to ring which = silence. Which can even = nice.
Once I stopped worrying about everything the pain miraculously vanished. Hmm..

**Hey look at this my laundry is all done! 12 loads today. I feel not only a huge sense of completion but pride. And yup, 12 loads. Kind of missing summer a teeny tiny bit.

**Miller moths decided to hide and raid our pantry recently. Just today one flew out of one of my boxes of food. So, there went about $15 worth of opened dried foods that I had to throw out.
Hope you liked that rice moths. And that oatmeal. And those crackers. Damn you. Damn... you.

**I am still addicted to Nutella. Well, I'm addicted again. Couldn't eat it for a while but I am again. I have to gain back those 5 pounds somehow! Oh and speaking of weight..I don't really like to talk much about it but looks like, without trying, I'll meet a really cool weight-related milestone by the end of the year. I can't even believe it. I need new pants. Elastic?? Kind of getting sick of the whole button-zipper situation. I love them but they're not elastic/adjustable enough.
Whenever I say or write "elastic" I can only think of polyester grandma pants. There just has to be something cooler out there that doesn't have "maternity" written all over it.

**Well, anyway.

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