Thursday, August 12, 2010

Speaking of King James...

...I feel kind of bad for blaming him for our germs a few posts ago. Now don't get me wrong, that kid loves to put his cars, his fingers, a dropped string cheese, his feet? (really James?) in his mouth. But he's a boy. He's 4. He's a kid! This is what kids do. It's pretty much the only job they have: to be a kid and to make their immune system (and those around them) as strong as possible. Call it a public service if you will.
And soon I will complain about how Natalie will bring home the germs and since both kids will be in school, there will no longer be any point to ..well... point the finger at anyone. And then when I work outside of the home well then it's just game over.
Back to Mr. James...
I love my guy.
I love everything about that handsome bowl of cuteness. Yes, he's still cute.
And yes, I still love to smell his hair.
I love the way he gives his little sister kisses willingly! before he leaves her to go somewhere. He literally walks over to her to give her a kiss before he leaves.
I love how he shares with everyone and if it's a toy that he's treasuring at that moment and that's the one someone wants, he offers something similar for them to play with. Sometimes, Natalie can be a pain in the ass and scream for it and James will hand his toy over to her (he only does this with Natalie..I think). I'm trying to teach him that, yes that's sweet of you, but she's being a terror so you don't have to share if your sister is, literally out of no where, screaming in your face for it.
I am in love with how he asks really great questions. Examples..
*I'll take a peak at the online weather site's radar and he asks "what's that green stuff?"
*It's a clear blue sky outside and he'll notice that there are no clouds and then smile..asking where they are.
*He'll ask to play a game on the computer (he just did!) but "after you are done Mommy?"
I think what I'm trying to say is that his constant questions don't bother me one bit. I love the look on his face when he's really concentrating hard on what we explain..and he gets it.
I love how I sometimes wake up to him laying next to me just smiling at me. (I feel horrible, he woke his daddy up yesterday by jumping on him and slamming his elbow in his neck..ACK).
I am in love with James' easygoing attitude and with how easily he gets along with other people.
I love how he pushes himself when he wants to try something new. This summer he has pushed himself so hard to learn how to swim. He jumps into 4 feet of water and isn't afraid (like his mom is). He swims to the center of the pool and with holding his nose, dives underneath. He wants to learn how to skate, to skateboard, to play soccer, and one day get a spot on "Wipe Out".
James figures out how to use the PS3 and Nintendo 64 like he sort of already knew how to use it (simply by watching his dad use the buttons).
He'll patiently show his sister how to do something or how to use something. He sounds like a little teacher while doing it. Have I mentioned how smart he is?
He can be a leader or a follower. A lover and sometimes a hater, but usually when the right moment calls for it. James cares about other people and their feelings. I've never known that a 4 year old can actually be compassionate.
It's funny... Louis C.K. makes fun of how kids will never say anything of any real importance when they're this young. I laugh at that can be true... but James does tell us things that are important! I know, mind-blowing isn't it?


Unicycle Rose said...

Agh! Kids and there incessent questions....yes very constand and very cute. He is a cutie! Is this the one with CHD?

The Bent Bunch said...

Today he has already asked me another question that has me stumped.. "Mommy, do penguins laugh?"
Thanks so much! James is our heart healthy kid and Natalie has the CHD. You'd never know it though. ;)