Friday, August 13, 2010


Wednesday marked 6 weeks complete of post-op success! Can you believe that it's been 6 weeks? 6 weeks. This summer is almost summer. Oh god... this
Alright, just thinking out loud here... moving along.
So Wednesday was my last post-op appointment with my awesome doctor (I fucking love my doctor..sorry..there is just no better way to say it) and Rick loves him too.
My doctor also dealt with some pretty intense questions that Rick thought were funny. If any doctor can answer Rick's questions with a straight face, well give them a raise. Or they could just give themselves a raise..okay..I digress.

He did a "once over" and was very pleased.
You ever get the notion that you can tell that you're one of your doctor's favorite patients? I usually don't want to ever give myself more credit than I'm due..but I can tell that this is why my doctor is in medicine and why he's good at what he does. Doctors love seeing success stories and people who are better off after the procedure (or procedures) than before. I try to put myself in their shoes ..and yeah..I'd like me as a patient too. ha!
The waiting room was FULL of people due to the fact that they're converting to digital records so the wait time was about 45 minutes. My mom watched the kiddies so it was just me and Rick..sitting there... actually enjoying this wait time. Pathetic I know.
We don't get out much.
We sat and talked. He talked and fidgeted with his fancy phone. I looked up and noticed that everyone except me and a little toddler were fidgeting with phones.
I also noticed that everyone else, except for one woman, was very obviously pregnant.
Oh boy. A test. A TEST to one's sanity when they've had this surgery.
I know..cliche.
And can I tell you what I felt?
A little sad. Just a little.
Can I tell you what I kept thinking?
"oh thank god it's them and not me having to push a baby out.. OOOHH BOY..good luck ladies."
It's probably a coping mechanism or some strange psychological thing ..or something..
But, I really do feel relieved.

In the words of my doctor...
What took me so long?


Carey said...

Wow! I can't believe it's been six weeks either!! But I'm so glad to hear that everything went well and that you feel better. Doesn't get much better than that!

The Bent Bunch said...

You got that right! LOL
So happy you stopped by.. how's everything with you guys? xoxo

Don't give up on your dreams said...

Well Dawn, you're right on the money; it is a coping mechanism that you're having. I'm the one who just took a psychology test that'll back me up. LMAO
Off off that, I'm glad that you're cleared. It is awesome to hear! Now it's time to go buck wild, right? LOL

The Bent Bunch said...

BOW CHICKA BOW BOW.. is that how that goes? LOL
I still have to take it sloooooow. But I think Rick would rather take it sloooooow compared to zero "relations".