Tuesday, July 27, 2010

James: 4 going on 12 and Natalie: 3 going on 13.

So last week I promised a cool post about how the kids have been and I will just pretend that I have a really cool answer as to why I waited.

But for the life of me I can't remember the reason.
Ah well.
So yes the kids! THE BIG KIDS. Have I mentioned how big and huge my kids are getting? Yet, they are still small. How does that work?
Preschool starts in about 4 weeks and I think I'm just as excited as them. Not for the usual (and understandable) sighs of relief that most parents have when their kids go back to school..I have a few years to do that. Then you'll get posts of me stating "oh god please let school just re-open in July OH GAWD". Not yet though.
I am excited because they'll both be in the same class with the same teacher and with a few students from last year. Some of these kids Natalie had the chance to hang out with a few times when we made visits. I was told last week, at Natalie's preschool assessment, that there is another big brother/little sister couple joining their class, too. How cute! And also, the little sister has curly hair like Natalie. To say I'm excited to see this is an understatement.
Natalie's assessment was really nice. When we visited the preschool's main center, we didn't know who would be giving Natalie her test. It ended up being their teacher!! We were so happy to see her and from the smile that she had that went from ear to ear I'd say that she was happy too. ;)
Have I also ever mentioned how much I love their teacher?
The school will still be further away from us..about 4 miles away. Which isn't going to be so bad because we won't have to take the bus every day. We'll get it all figured out. I miss my walk to and from (and then from and to) home. From the bus stop and our apartment it's about 8 blocks. I lost a few pounds from it. I really can't wait to do that again. And no, I'm not being sarcastic. Also, school is only 3 hours so I'll have days where I'll stick around and volunteer any help I can give (hopefully not the kind of "help" I gave last time where I hung kids upside down from the monkey bars) so these next times will be actual help. Days where I have to go home I'll be able to catch up with phone calls and eat breakfast and of course, enter the Facebook to talk about how I cried dropping them both off to school.
Also, the oxygen company dropped off a cylinder today that we can leave at the school. The school nurse is going to make sure they're trained to use it and know when to use it for Natalie's purple spells. I love that. And I love that both teachers are already aware of Natalie's heart. At James' final conference their teacher explained that she and the other teachers would fight (fight in the way of both wanting to do the job) who would care for Natalie. I still smile as I type that.
James is our little man now. He's going through a growth spurt right now because you can tell by how he's eating constantly, complains of his achy knees, and feels "sweepy"(as he says). I can't help but wonder how friggin' tall this kid is going to be. Well, anyway I gave the poor guy some advil and he felt better. I don't even want to think about the massive growth spurts he's going to have later on..
Our "little" man who wears a 4/5 (S) big boy size and speaking of clothes..before he comes into our room in the morning to wake us up he'll greet us with a matching outfit. An outfit that I didn't pick out for him. So, he's dressing himself and finding a matching outfit. Kids got skillz. He has also been very adamant about me not cutting his hair because and I quote "Mommy, I want wong hair.. I want it cuwly and wong". Yes, he still uses a "w" instead of "l" or "r". I don't know if I should say this, but it's damn cute.
James also will ask a question and follow it immediately with "YES OR NO Mommy? yes or no?" Which is kind of annoying me more and more because I try explaining to him that "maybe" should be included. He laughs at that, which I agree, is funny. Funny in the way of "haha James you have no idea".
He jumps into our pool here at the apartment, 3 and 4 foot sections with ease. We're trying to teach him how to swim but he keeps thinking that he already knows so we're taking our time.
For both kids we bought 2 really cool preschool workbooks (thick too) and it's insane how much he knows. I think I'm actually going to have to go and get him a kindergarten workbook. I can't even get over that. I'm not trying to brag here, but damn.
He plays games on the Nintendo 64 and PS3 and the computer on different days and he'll spot certain words like "game", "play", "start", "select" words like that and knows exactly what they say and mean. He navigated all by himself on these games and does great! Since when has my 4 1/2 year old turned into an 8 year old?!
James and Natalie greet every person they see who enters the pool area with "HI HELLO HI HI!!" I love that Natalie does it too because it just shows how much of a good effect that James has on her. Natalie is the slightly introverted one and of course, James is completely 100% extroverted. But I dunno.. Natalie may not be as introverted as we thought. ;)
Natalie speaks like a 39 1/2 pound 13 year old. She just walked into the room and said "give me gum mommy give me gum" while carrying a play pitcher of, luckily, fake hotdogs. We don't even give them gum. Ever. So my response was.."whhaaaaa?"
She has been doing tons of pretend play lately. Not like she never loved it, but lately it's been through the roof. She loves playing with her dolls, feeding them, and also making them pretend to cry. I always know that she's playing with them when I hear "wwaaaahh waaaaahh" loudly from her bedroom.
Natalie plays with her new preschool backpack every day now and steals our change from the change bowl to carry it. She's slick too because I never see her do it.
Natalie uses the potty during the day (still some poop troubles but it's a work in progress) because she'll use her potty to pee in it, clean herself, pull up those pants, and then wash her hands. All without even saying anything. So basically, she and James are just about at the same level of potty training. OY.
She can be so bossy but it's not that bad (at all) and secretly I love it because that means that she won't let those bigger preschool kids step all over her. But she does share more each day. She's beginning to finally let it sink in that you have to take turns. We're still working with her in getting her to use words when she's screaming or throwing a tantrum, which sounds exactly like how we were with James at this exact age. Oh the 3s.
I really do like 4 better. I really do.
But for now, I will love my 3 year old who yells at her brother daily and just wait for the day where she will be 13 and scream "don't do that James!!!" in her less tiny voice.

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