Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top 3 Thursday!

Today's "Top 3 Thursday" question is a tempting one. I couldn't leave it alone so I had to join in. Today's question is:
Who are your TOP 3 guilty celebrity crushes?

Before I answer this I have to give a huge "SORRY" to my kids if they read this later in life. Seriously, kids..I am going to embarrass you. And myself a little bit.

1. Oh the first one is definitely going to be Michael C. Hall from Dexter and Six Feet Under. He's also more importantly known as the man who doesn't know that I lust after him. One day day.

2. I think my second choice is going to be the hot weekend news anchor on channel 9 news Kyle Clark. He has the deepest BLUE BLUE BLUE eyes and is a natural hottie. I hate watching the news usually and will only watch it when he's on. No joke. And check out his twitter so you can stalk him. I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

3. I love Sex in the City especially the older episodes when Carrie met Aidan Shaw. But they portrayed him as sort of fat and frumpy. I never got that vibe from him because I thought he was hot. And then the writers did something sneaky. They brought him back a season or so later and now he was "hot and sexy" Aidan who lost weight and cut his hair and oh my gosh wasn't he even more hot?
So anyway.. other than enjoying his voice in the latest Applebee's commercials he's also been playing Tara's HOT and more blue-collared husband (who works in construction, mind you..have a thing for construction guys) named Max. Oh John Corbett, you are probably my oldest celeb crush and you'll never know it. But seriously, Carrie should have never cheated on you. Oh you poor thing. Come here and I'll hug you.


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

These are AWESOME! Isn't Michael C. Hall the very same actor who starred in all the John Hughes movies from the 1980s, like The Breakfast Club? I liked him THEN, when he was the consummate dork!


dawn B said...

ah ha! you did the same thing I used to always do..get those mixed up! (it's too easy)
The dude from BC is Anthony Michael Hall. Who by the way, isn't a bad choice at all! Love the underdog.
I wonder how many times Michael C Hall gets that confusion from fans?

Sean said...

In the interests of equality, can we have a post about who Rick's choices are for hot female celebrities?
Inquiring minds might wanna know! :D

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Oh heck yeah - Aidan! I think in the previews for the new SATC movie, Carrie runs into him? Oh I sure hope so! ;-)

Thanks for playing our game and sorry it took so long to stop by!


Dawn B said...

Sean- good idea! I would try to answer that for him, but I can't think of who they would be. LOL

Tamara- oh I hope so too! thanks for the tip!
And I love the different topics you guys pick weekly. Creative and fun. ;)