Sunday, December 13, 2009

bits of this and that..

There are some things I wanted to update about so bare with me as I'll be all over the place. ;)

*As for college- some of you already know that I accepted into the 4 year university of my choice last week. Hoorah!! But, here's the kicker (and proof that I am sometimes stupid) I didn't realize that the spring college semester started so soon- January 19th to be exact. It would be full time and with it beginning a week after Natalie's open heart surgery I had to make a tough decision. It was either wait until the Fall semester or just grin and bare it. I decided to wait until the Fall semester. I can't give Natalie's care only 70 or 80% of my attention. It needs to be 110%, with me fully focused and not distracted with 4 classes.
The waiting is worth it. Plus, with tax time coming up, I'll probably get alot more financial aid with this year's low earnings. Yay for being poor! (okay, not really..but you get it.)

*It is exactly 1 month until Natalie's surgery. We're starting out a plan and a solid one at that. We decided that I'll be at the hospital with her 24/7 from that Tuesday, the day of the operation, until Friday evening. I'm not sure yet what the hospital's policy is for me to room with her, but if I can't, I know that they have family suites at the hospital so I'll probably take advantage of that. If she's awake I want her to see me there. Once Friday arrives, Rick will be there until Sunday. And maybe..just maybe she'll be well enough to go home by then. If not, I'll return to the hospital Sunday evening to spend a lot more time with her. During our focus on Natalie's well-being, we have my mom and step-dad and possibly my brother and sis-in-law helping us out. That way, James will get to spend time with them here at home and then he'll get to see his daddy after 4:30pm and get tucked into bed at night by him. Natalie's care is at the top of the list, of course, but James is now old enough to worry about his sister, so it's our job to keep him happy and distracted. It's going to be tough, but I have so much great support and excitement about 2010.

*James had a good birthday. To be totally honest- he and Natalie were acting out pretty badly that day. Unfortunately, both of them spent quite a bit of time in timeout's that day. But, we made the day as special as we could: filled with lots of chocolate and banana monkey cupcakes AND presents! He got a cool (huge) firetruck, many many more cars, a truck to store his cars, a kick ass chemistry set, some clothes, $$$, a Candy Land game (which he keeps beating me at), Lincoln Logs (YESSSS!!!), and a few other things that I can't remember at the moment.

*We have to teach both kids to not blow out the Hanukkah candles.

*It was our niece Jackie's 2nd birthday Friday! Not sure if some of you know, but December is the craziest month with holidays and birthdays for our family and both sides included. LOL

*I am on the edge of my seat until Christmas- I can't wait until they get to unwrap more presents and see their smiling faces. We didn't spend too much this year but somehow managed to get them more gifts than last year. The budget was the same also. Can't beat that. Oh and James is really good at unwrapping presents now..he knows that something even better is hiding underneath the paper. Natalie tried to unwrap the Hanukkah gifts from her Gammy, got frustrated, and had me open them. So, she too knows that something fun is lurking underneath the paper. LOL

*And??? Ready??? Rick got a job!!! Or did I mention that already? Wow, I have to update myself with my own blog.
But, yup, he has a new full time job with a construction company as a permanent employee. He's still working out the kinks since it's still new, you know how that goes. But he really likes it and the people that run the company seem to have it together. They also have some small children so understand how things can pop up out of nowhere with them. The reason I mention that is because he told them about Natalie's surgery. They even seemed really concerned and very supportive for the few days that Rick will have to take off. It feels so good to have paychecks coming in again. We are officially and forever done with MD unemployement!!!


Chicke3 said...

YAY! I am so happy for you! I totally get the whole financial aid thing....I was so excited the year I didnt have to file Fafsa with my parents on it because it meant I got more financial aid!

Tell the kids that if they keep blowing out the Hanukkah candles Santa wont bring them any presents ;-)

But I am even happier that Ricky got a job! That is so exciting! :-D Goodbye MD unemployment!

Katrina said...

Hooray for you guys!! You have a lot going on but it sounds like you have it all under control.

Ask your husband to rub some of that luck off on my husband. ;) He's been unemployed for over 4 months and we still haven't received umemployment!! So frustrating!

Dawn B said...

Thank you so much!
It just feels so good to get back to normal after so many long months of joblessness.
Katrina- I had no idea he was unemployed right now. :( It's so rough and I'm not sure how your husband is taking it, but there was a point with Rick where you could tell it was really really starting to get to him. And no unemployment yet?? Good god. I can't believe the state is making you wait so long! I never understand why they make people wait SO LONG. As if being unemployed makes the bills stop. ugh. I will definitely keep you guys in my thoughts!!! Sending out some good vibes your way!!

FallenFairy said...

I'm so understanding to your waiting for Fall Semester to begin. It's hard to go to school taking 4 classes under normal circumstances, let alone having to do it with your baby girl undergoing such a proceedure.
I'm glad to see Ricky is doing well with his job. Tis the season to be thankful, girl.
I'm so proud of you for going back to school. The semesters are different for many schools, because now-a-days many schools don't offer summer courses, so it does tend to vary by school. Mine is year round, so I was thrown off by Spring semester starting in mid January!