Saturday, November 7, 2009

curves are where it's at.

I have to stop waiting to update this blog at around 8 at night. I am beat. So beat. So very beat. Did you catch that the first time? My brain is turning to mush.
We had an early birthday/cookout/playtime with the kids/dry-run for Thanksgiving extravaganza for half the day today. It was so much fun and the weather was gorgeous. No snow left in sight and the temps have gotten into the 70s for quite a few days straight lately.
I drove for at least 2 hours today and the driving, practice driving that is, is going pretty well. Rick yells at me alot but I'm sure it's for my own good. And to calm his anxiety. I mean c'mon it's ME behind the wheel. But he assures me that I'm progressing really well. I feel like I'm doing well. Each time I get behind the wheel I feel a slight confidence boost. Once in a while during the beginning, when I almost hit a parked car or mailbox I get anxious, but I stay focused and keep on truckin'..err..drivin' that minivan. I feel alot more in control of the van and that's important. Now, I'm dealing with the beautiful part of being cut off and people riding their breaks.
I still have to learn how to change lanes and merge off of and onto lanes. If it's a highway I can merge ONTO the lane properly more easily. But if I'm coming from on offramp..phew.. I hate it. Especially since a few of the roads here in Denver were created by potheads. They thought it would be a joke to put an offramp and onramp within a half block radius.
But, I keep on doing it. I like it and I will get that license soon.
My personal favorite with driving (in all seriousness) curvy roads! if you can believe that. LOL

Well, since my brain is all fried-like here are some cute shots of the kids today and a few other ones I managed to nab. I promise to get my act together tomorrow and post something a little more interesting (other than the photos of course)..

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Chicke3 said...

Im alive dawnie! I promise!!! lol ive gotten in late and dropped into to bed the last few nights! I promise an awesome update today!