Monday, October 19, 2009

Not me! Monday

Oh yes it is Monday.. well okay, Monday is almost over but who cares about technicalities on a Monday.

*It surely wasn't moi who got very happy and excited about making cupcakes this weekend and then surely did NOT burn said cupcakes and still have everyone gobble 'em. Not me no way.

*There is NO way I'd feed my kids saltines for dinner. In my defense I made they something yummy and my kids did NOT prefer the plain crackers over that deliciousness.

*We certainly do NOT have such a big problem with all species of spiders from all across the world and universe that stroll through our apartment..and I don't kill them and leave them on the floor for Rick to clean up. Or ask James to do it. Not me no way.

*I definitely didn't replace the kids' washcloths with baby wipes at bathtime just because I didn't get to washing that laundry..yet..still..not yet. Nope, I wouldn't do that!

Now that feels better. Or NOT.

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