Wednesday, November 19, 2008

now what?

So now that it's really insanely cold outside now (good 'ol Maryland weather..cold now and probably mild in January) I'm finding a hard time dealing with having to stay indoors much more. I miss our walks even if we were just walking down the road to the grocery store.
I feel really bad for James because he's old enough now to ask to go outside for a walk and when it's in the mid 30s with a below freezing windchill...uhh yeah no.
Beings that we only have a tiny porch area and no backyard (it's a condo) we're really stuck inside.
This is the time of year that I've been dreading.
I'm already running out of ideas of what to do all day long and I feel like I'm going nutty. And I hate having the kids watch more than 3 hours of tv a day (even that's alot) but we only watch Sprout and Noggin so it's not like we're watching anything interesting for someone my age. Well, okay I do like to sing along to a few of their shows while they look at me like I'm psycho..what of it?

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Two Lines On a Stick said...

Maryland? You are in Maryland? Will you PLEASE PLEASE order something for my Avon contest? They have lip balms for 59 cents and you can get free shipping! I'll even send you a thank you gift :) I know, I'm pathetic. But I am also pretty sure you are the ONLY person I *know* in Maryland.