Thursday, November 20, 2008

mental reminder

Thanks to Leanne for reminding me... lol

We have to get James to the dentist real soon. He's just about 3 and we're on the lookout for a great pediatric dentist (who accepts our type of insurance). I don't think it'll be as hard as what I think because there seems to be a surplus of great doctors out there for kids (not necessarily for adults) but thank goodness kids luck out. Basically what I mean is that if I had a doctor like the kids' pediatrician I'd be so lucky. lol

So anyway..yes, the dentist search begins. We'd like to get him in by February. We brush both of the kids' teeth everyday and I'm horrible at remembering the morning brush (bad mama). But we let the kids brush their teeth themselves at night and then we get the spots they miss. We still use the practice gel "toothpaste" stuff but soon we'll be teaching James how to spit out the fluoride paste. Once he can do that we can get up to the next level..ya know..the toothpaste with all the cool characters on the front of it? The tubes that James grabs every.single.time we go to Target or the grocery store up the road. lol

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Kristin said...

Logan hasn't been to the dentist yet either & I keep telling Bill that I need to make him (& myself!) an appointment. I keep forgetting. Or rather, procrastinating in fear of the cost we'll have to pay even though we have insurance.