Monday, November 17, 2008

fellow bloggers inspire me

Ever read a post on another blog (or even an article that you come across) and leave a comment about it and try to remember to mention a similar topic on your own blog (that is..if you have
I do this alot.

I read a few of my favorite blogs daily..albeit I've got a clingy 18 month old toddler attached to me, while I read standing up because I'm too lazy to pull the chair over..and an almost 3 year old asking me for juice or something..and there I am reading something I WISH I could remember to mention on our family blog. Then hours pass until it's late at night and I completely forget to update the blog. Damn.
So..for today I will post the following pictures after being inspired by Unkempt Mommy's post from last Wednesday's Wordless Wednesday..

First part of the day's living room mess from two angles.
You don't even want to see the second part of the day.

Natalie's separation anxiety is back in full force so we find ourselves holding her a good portion of the day. Because we are so sore from holding her now..seriously our arms are killing us..we're going to start being a bit more tough on her with having to be held so much. It's actually making her not want to practice walking more and we need to stick to her physical therapy like glue. She is a hardhead just like her mommy.
But when she is detached from us we manage to grab a few shots of the kids here at home..taking pictures outside of the house has become impossible for me now because I have a memory that sucks. When we had the peak of our fall here? It was gorgeous. The kids and I took so many walks outside and I forgot the camera every single. No shots of James "crunching leaves" (stepping on 'em) and of Natalie being buried by tons of leaves and giggling like crazy.
Well here ya go:

(playing in the bathroom linen closet)
He drew our couch!!! (seriously, that's what he said it
Mr.GQ himself.


Chicke3 said...

Way too cute I can not believe how big they are getting!!!!!

Unkempt Mommy said...

That is the coolest couch ever. James should be a designer for a hip modern furniture company or something.

I love seeing your toy mess. I'm glad my mess inspired you. There are plenty more messes where that came from. LOL :)