Sunday, November 9, 2008

quick things I just have to list...

Natalie now gives genuine kisses!! And makes the "mwah" sound when she does it.. Oh I love it.
She is already now obsessed with colors .. she seems to know what blue and green are but it's hard to tell when calls every color she points at blue and green. lol
She took a tiny tiny little step a few days ago.. took a nice stance and then looked at me and then put her right foot forward then back again and sat down. Aaaaaaalmost!!!
She has figured out the on and off switch on both tvs.
She is teething again!! She only has 4 more teeth to go so this is pretty awesome..stressful..but awesome stuff.
She is now completely and utterly attached to her stitched blanket that her Nanny gave her as a baby. Since the loss of her other "lovey" (the cuddle blanket) she is even more attached to it. This is the sweetest.. although she chews on it alot and it always smells of stale spit. LOL
She's been trying to count her fingers and toes ever since we started reading "One Fish Two Fish.." by Dr. Suess.. the part where the one character has 11 fingers. So adorable.
She still calms down by me singing "Row Row Row Your Boat..."
Now with James!
He is seriously advancing like crazy. Both kids are advancing but because he's the first to be near 3 he is really impressing us with his abilities..
Now he says "I can do it!" very eagerly when he wants to put his jacket on, walk down or up steps, and build (and among other things). He's really impressing himself also and we can really see this affect his self-esteem in such a good way. He's at the age now where he has an imagination and will play with stuffed animals..putting them in scenarios, talking in character type of voices.
He knows what he wants now and has alot less tantrums because of it. He now expresses how feels about things...when he is happy or sad, or scared even. And we talk to him about it..and I love it when he's excited to talk about something. I love hearing (we love hearing) what his likes and dislikes are. He even has a new favorite color everyday but usually it's green or blue.
We we take our walks he's in love with pointing out the colors of every car we pass.
He has a good sense of direction and totally gets that from Ricky and not me.
His favorite thing to laugh at right now is if I puff my cheeks full of air and he takes his finger and pushes on my cheek to blow the air Natalie actually laughs at this too.
He loves to run and hop and says "mommy look! I am so fast!!!" and likes to get my attention for other things that he can do.. so I hear alot of "mommy look at me!"
He is so tough with potty training...much more to come with that soon. But we're still taking the pace he needs. He's so eager to try though..but he still doesn't mind being wet or worse, wearing a poopy diaper. I know that with how he is, he'll just start doing it and catch us off guard. He's always been that way. LOL


Two Lines On a Stick said...

I can't believe how fast they are growing up. I know I probably say that all the time but seriously. Our babies? Gone. :(

Hey I wanted to invite you to chat on a mom board where i am- you would love it there-

Unkempt Mommy said...

Wow - lots of changes! James sounds like such a cool little guy. And I wish Scout and Natalie could meet. They would love each other!

Dawn B said...

Sometimes I want them to just get older already..but when they do these cute things I just want the clock to stop..just for a little bit. lol