Friday, August 22, 2008

idea of the day

I really want to buy some chalkboard paint.
James and Natalie are obsessed with drawing. Such little artists they are. ;)
One idea I just found online was buying some of the chalkboard paint and painting a surface of a cheap table and all the way to painting the lower door to your fridge. Now, I dunno if we'd go that far, but maybe buying a cheap Ikea table and painting it will work out great. And some of the Ikea tables come in a set of 2, so James could have his and Natalie could have her's. This is another little project on my mile long list. But I will get it done!


Chicke3 said...

Ive even seen on trading spaces where they've used chalkboard paint on the lower half of the kids room so the kids could draw with chalk on the walls :-)

Kris said...

Oooh that's a good idea! I was thinking of doing it on a wall but I like the table idea better!

Isabel said...

What a great idea.

My son and husband left me a chalk message in our driveway yesterday. Unfortunately we live in Seattle and the rain washed it away before I got home and saw it. Darn rain!

Dawn B said...

Cassie- we wanted to do a wall but then thought that since we're probably selling in about a year we better not..LOL!

Kris- got the table idea from the internet.. god bless yee internet

isabel- rain season started already?? man...