Monday, March 17, 2008

Natalie is LLWHD's CHD child of the week!

This link below comes from my Myspace account! I had my own personal account but decided to change it and use it as a CHD page. The below website is "Living Life With Heart Disease" and it's such a useful tool for every community no matter what.
Each week they choose a new child to be the "CHD child of the week" and this week it's Natalie!!! There are so many stories on there about these brave warriors and warrior princesses (as we like to call and it is so important to read them. They deserve the attention.

We love you Natalie!!!! Your story is definitely a really positive one that gives more families so much hope that you CAN actually live life to the fullest and have a "sick" heart.
MWAH!! =)

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Kristin said...

YEA! Congrats! Natalie is an exceptional little gal :)