Thursday, March 20, 2008

11 months for the Natty

Yes honey, we call you "Natty". LOL I know, you'll be laughing at that when you're older but it has stuck with us so far and it's so cute. We still call you "sweet pea"..Natalie, "sissy" for James' reference, and "babygirl". We usually use the "babygirl" name when you're crying and upset.
So yes, 11 months are now under your belt and it's absolutely crazy. We just can't believe it. It feels like yesterday when I wrote your 10 month update so that just goes to show you just how fast the time goes.
Everyday there is at least one reference to how real soon you will be 1.
I want to cry so hard when thinking about that. Not for any sad reason, for many good reasons. You have had quite a year Natalie, and you have been such a pure JOY to have in our lives. I can honestly say I don't know what we'd do without you. I mean, okay your brother would be around but you make everything so.... complete.
So perfect. Even more amazing than when it was just James and I hanging around at home while Daddy was at work. Oh gosh Natalie, James is so crazy about you. You steal his cars or other toys and he just smiles. Sometimes he goes after you to retrieve it but 90% he just smiles and is so happy that someone other than himself is interested in eating that car. LOL Right now you love any toy you can get your hands on and the more complicated the better. Right now you love to play with your brother's remote controlled firetruck. You smile with such delight if it's turned on and it's loud circling around you. You love to play with your "Ann B Dextrous" and we actually keep it on the first level because you enjoy knocking it over and wailing away at the buttons. LOL OH my gosh LOVE TO THROW THINGS. I have never in my life seen a baby throw things as far as you. Never. You love doing this to see how you can control it. I'm guessing that's why. You actually throw just as far as James. That's crazy.
You love balls being rolled to you.. you love love love what I call "krinkly" toys (the crinkle-type fabric), and you still love to be in your exersaucer. But we are getting ready to stop that because even though you love to stand in it and play with the buttons, you go a little too crazy in there now. LOL You go back and forth, swaying, with such force we're afraid you're going to tip over! LOL And speaking of standing.... it's your favorite to do. Now, with just a little help you'll stand lean on the anything in front of you that's accessible. And you can do this for extended periods of time. It makes you so happy. You really don't have a desire to crawl but I think because you haven't figured out if that's an option. We show you but you just slowly make your way back down to lay and just play that way. LOL But Natalie...your strength is there. Now other people see that too. You don't know how physcially strong you are I think. Well, when you throw things maybe you do..but you have the legs of a horse and the arms and back muscles to go with it. LOL And we are pretty sure you're just going to skip to standing and walking and then crawl. All in due time. Until then, it's nice to know where you are at all times. ;)
You constantly babble all sorts of sounds now. You say "dadadadada" constantly said "shooooooe" the other day and "foooooot" and we all laughed. You love music and will dance to it. Especially the theme to Dora or Family Guy. Go figure. We listened to some Bob Marley this evening and you loved that.
You have 5 full teeth almost all the way out and 2-3 more on their way trying to poke through.
You are addicted to feeding yourself now but will occasionally eat a Stage 3 jar if you're in the mood. You love: blueberries, yogurt, peas, potatoes, cheerios, carrots, pasta, mac and cheese, bananas, avocados!!!, and rice. You're at that lovely age where you'll try any food and we're taking advantage of that. LOL
This weekend we begin your transition from formula to whole milk. I just can't believe it!!!! It's cheaper than formula so hey, that's a bonus.
You wear sizes 9 month, 12 month, and 18 month clothing. You definitely needs more 18 month shirts. But size 12 month pants fit great.
You go in for last RSV shot of the season next week and we're pretty thrilled about that. You still don't like any doctor to go near you and we don't blame you. You have what we call "white coat syndrome". :(
And you still love your white cuddle blanket and you have to sleep with the knitted blanket that Nanny made for you before you were born. You love LOVE your butterfly mobile. It's nice to still use that because once you do start to stand in your crib you'll pull that down. LOL
And you are still the world's best sleeper.
We love you SO MUCH Natalie. I'm a bit partial here..but you are the absolute best little baby anyone could have. And it will take me many more years to even try to call you a toddler once that rolls around.

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