Wednesday, November 21, 2007

only 7 to list???

Well well! I got tagged ya'll. Thanks "eipwek"! ;)
I could probably list about a million weird things about me, but so I don't bore ya I'll list just the following 7 :
#1- I hate feet. I hate them I hate them I hate them. Unless they are delicious baby feet. Even toddler feet are acceptable.
#2- I graduated in 1996 from a college prep school and actually passed with honors despite my awful 9th and 10th and half of 11th year grades. I planned on going to a university in PA immediately got sidetracked right after I graduated and also realized that I couldn't even afford the school with lots of financial aid.
#3- I am horrible about buying myself new clothes. I have always been this way. I put it off until I have like the bare necessities to wear. I actually like to shop, but not for myself, despite the daydreaming of buying cool clothes before I hit the store. Once I get there, I want to leave.
#4- My dream job is to chase tornadoes!!!!!! Seriously. No joke.
#5- I hate talking on the phone. I would rather see you in person or get an email. People say emails are thoughtless..but I love them and at least I can save the email since I forget conversations easily.
#6- I am pretty good at pinpointing actors' voices or faces in commercials, shows, or movies. Like I can say, "hey! that one guy right there is in the Saturn commercial and the toilet paper one too!" And it's so funny because I don't even have much time to watch much tv now.
#7- I can't drive. I know...I know. But as a matter of fact next month I'll be taken the driver's class. So many people ask me why I can't drive or don't yet..and's something that's been instilled in me. Neither of my parents knew how to drive, we walked everywhere or took the bus as a kids and it stuck with me. It's almost like I expected myself to never need to learn. With kids now, I do!!!

Okay..I think I have 7 people who I know to tag and if you want you can leave your response in the form of a comment or on your page if you have one (and please know, you don't have to do's all in the name of fun yo):

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eipwek said...

That's so funny about being able to recognize actors in commercials and such! LOL :)

My dad's parents never drove and tells me tales of how he and his brother would take their little red wagon to the grocery store. Those were the days!