Tuesday, November 20, 2007

6 month (technically 7 month) well visit for Natalie!

Today was Natalie's 6 month well visit even though she turns 7 months old well..in about 10 minutes. LOL Here are her "stats":

weight- 17 lbs 2oz (awesome awesome..so awesome)..she's in the 50th percentile
height- 27.25 inches (so tall!!!! she's grown 7 inches since birth which equals to about an inch a month!)..the 80th percentile
head circumference- 45 1/2cm which means that Natalie has a huge head (we all do over here..LOL)- 95th percentile

Things to point out in random order:
*Natalie is now updated with her shots as much as a 4 month old..which is great. There are actually 2 parts to the RSV shot (didn't now that before) and she got half today.
*The doctor is very adamant she get her flu shot..we're still undecided if we'll do that. James got it last year and got sick. Not real sick, but enough for me to sort of believe that it's useless. We'll see...I mean it's basically like this- give her the shot and possibly make her ill..avoid the shot and possibly get ill..argh
*The fact that she's grabbing toys, "talking" alot, happy, smiley, giggly, focuses on objects and people very clearly, and rolls over is excellent. The fact that she can't yet sit up on her own or even with a "boppy" behind her on the floor is okay. I was a bit scared even knowing that she was behind because of laying down alot for her recovery..but there's nothing to worry about. =) The doctor agrees 100% that she'll catch up and she's still not even technically behind. And one thing to note is that she's tall..she's got alot of limb to control. And the other day I had her laying on our big bed and gently and slowly pulled her arms forward, to let her sit up while holding my hands,and she did it so well! She even picked up her weight and tried to stand!!!!
*The doctor wants us to try offering more veggies. I am guilty of not trying hard enough. As soon as she didn't want them a month ago I stopped trying. But I was all like, "hey! she likes sweet potatoes and squash!" It counts!
*her chest scars look great..healing beautifully.
*No "pulsox" taken because it's not needed. =)
*And she's on NO Zantac for acid reflux anymore!! Her last dose was early week and she's been great! Natalie is officially on NO MEDICINES. whoa......


J said...

Yay! Go Natalie! :)

CaesMom2002 said...

Good going sweetheart!!! You're one heck of a fighter sweetie!! Loveeeee ya