Tuesday, October 9, 2007

just getting her checked out

Today we have an (emergency) appt. with one of the cardiologists. Natalie is okay! Most likely. But, her sleeping is getting worse and she's just not getting enough rest. If she is awake she's usually pretty unhappy..sometimes acting silly. She just can't seem to sleep. If this is all normal, then getting up almost every hour during the night won't be dreaded as much. One of the things we think may be waking her up is her itchy scar on her chest. She's been scratching it so badly in her sleep that she made her skin bleed. OUCH! We just want to get her checked out. Better safe than sorry, right?


CaesMom2002 said...

I can only imagine how uncomfortable that must be for her. Especially since wearing clothes is a must and I am sure while she sleeps it rubs against her skin. :-/ poor girly!

twolinesonastick said...

Yes, the scar is horrifyingly itchy. Sorry if that makes you feel bad for her, but that is the one thing I actually remember about my surgery/recovery. Scratching the scar, scar bleeding, more healing... so that could be part of what's bugging her!

eipwek said...

Thanks for the update - I stop by hear frequently to check on what's happening with your sweet little gal. I'm sorry she's not getting any rest. Hopefully she will soon!!!