Wednesday, October 10, 2007

a late quickie

Oh man! I forgot to update with the appt. yesterday!! Would it be silly to say that we've been sliiiightly busy? LOL
So! YES! the appt. went really well actually. And before I get into detail, and not that this doctor will ever come across this blog, but thanks to Dr.Everett (the same doc who performed Natalie's cath a few weeks ago) for letting me disturb him at 4:30am Tuesday morning and then he went ahead and scheduled our appt. for us. Too nice!!!
Ya see, yesterday..err..Tuesday morning Natalie woke up about the umpteenth time crying. Now, the crying we get, totally understand, then arm ourselves with Tylenol and a bottle, hoping that will work. Usually it does. And making sure she's laying in a comfy position because it's very tricky to hold her. Most of her weight has to go in her We can't lift her under her arms at all because her breastbone is still healing (awww). So, we have to lift her like a football that we're afraid of dropping. Anyways.. that early morning was the last straw for hearing her cry such a desperate cry like she was. And sure enough, she was scratching her scar in her sleep because her nails had dry blood under them (again..awww). So, when we got to our appt. we were so grateful. Ricky even had to leave work a little early, but ya know, at this point, the loss of money is so worth it when you have a baby who HAS to see some sort of doctor- be it the cardiologist or even her pediatrician. But, considering she just had such a major surgery, we opted for the cardiologist. Who tells us, she's totally fine..just itchy and in her words "is so strange and almost unheard of for it to itch". ..UHHH....... what?... moving on...
She also said that we could stop the water "pills" because a quick echo. determined that her heart and lungs looks great and there was no need to push any extra fluid out. YAY! Oh and also, did we ever mention that Natalie doesn't even need to take any sort of heart medication???? How cool is that??? way cool.
So now, she's on a nightly routine of Benadryl for the itchy scar and I got the all clear to give her Ibuprofen. And last night? Natalie slept like a baby. Well, like a very sleepy rock. lol
And we'd like to thank the makers of Ibuprofen. Seriously, it has made her so happy. Even all day long today. woot!! =)


Kristin said...

I'm so relieved to hear that she checked out OK at the appointment. That is very cool that she won't need any meds either! YEA!!!

J said...


CaesMom2002 said...

That's always good news that she's checked out! Thank god for that!!!!! She's one tough cookie!