Friday, August 31, 2007

next adventure: tantrums

James truly outdid himself today. Truly.
Today marks a very monumental day in the Bent residence- James' very first off the wall, insane, kinda funny, emotional, loud, kitchen-cabinet-hitting, mother of all (so far) tantrum.
And it was nuts. I've seen these types of tantrums before and it always other people's kid. NOOO not mine. My kid is perfect. Well, he is perfect to me. But he has aggression and frustration like every other toddler and it came out in full force this evening.
Know what caused it?
He didn't like the cup we put his juice in. He had to have his blue "Nuby" cup. Of course, we didn't realize what the hell was going down until I had to guess it. I just knew he kept going into the kitchen saying something in jibberish and not really even pointing at it at first. (yeah, we're still in that huge guessing stage..god we hate it) and that's what did it for him. He crawled. He screamed at the top of his lungs. I laughed in the next room quietly. Ricky did too. We knew this was coming we just had no idea of when exactly. James lay by the patio door kicking the walls. We ignored him. He hit the kitchen cabinet doors. We ignored him. He even grabbed the cup and threw it. And we ignored him. And you know what? It worked.
Check out this book my sister Jen gave us. It is a MUST read!!!!


CaesMom2002 said...

LMAO! Yeah, welcome to the stage of temper tantrums. It's fun, it's childish, and well, over-all it's FUNNY! Good luck with the continuing process of this... :-p

Kristin said...

I'm getting that book ASAP!