Wednesday, August 29, 2007

got a few minutes??

If you turn the volume up a little, the sound of the toys hitting the floor is, for some reason, pretty hilarious.
Oh, and James lately has had a "boom" in his language!!! This is the new list of what he's started to say:
dude, cool, cat, car (a toy car was in the pool and he made a beeline for it and kept saying "car", "all done" and "all gone" when he's done eating, "beesh" means juice (LOL..that's pretty funny), and he'll say "vroooom" when playing with his cars.
Also, just tonight we read his cloth alphabet picture book and asked him to point to certain animals/objects and he knew most of them!!! Like, owl, dog, apple, fish, watermelon, turtle..and so many others.

And Just. Wow. She has been developing her hand coordination and everything! She grabs things and bats at them to taste them, eats her hands like nobody's business, and loves, LOOOOVES music. She has yet to rollover but one day she will. No rush, because as soon as that happens, we'll be scrambling to get her out of the porta-crib and in the bigger crib and James in the twin bed. lol No rush Natalie. No rush.


J said...

That is hilarious! I love how James "explains" to Ricky what he's doing..So cute!!

CaesMom2002 said...

Wow! I love this vid. He's so smart. I love the fact that he's so PROUD of what he's doing! He just looks so excited to be throwing things together, and well, throwing them onto the ground too. He's such a smart child. It's so amazing that he's really comprehending everything that Ricky is saying too. He was all like "Ohhhh, yyeeeaahhh". LOL so cute.