Monday, April 9, 2012


I was going to post something today about what types of food the kids won't eat. Instead I'll post something about what Natalie will eat. James is borderline meh. He's your classic hamburger, chicken nuggets, yogurt, cheese, and tomato kinda kid. By any means is he easy to please, but he's easier than Natalie. Way easier. What freaks me out the most is that Natalie wonders if I'll be preparing a school lunch for her everyday during kindergarten. Truth is, we qualify for free lunch. Also a bigger truth- her pickiness terrifies the crap out of me. 
These are the foods that Natalie will eat.. bare with me here...I'm typing this out to prove to myself that I think she's vegetarian...

1. beans, usually uncooked/unheated (kidney and white kidney beans especially) straight   outta the can.

2. flour tortillas- plain (she'll actually eat corn tortillas but I just can't do it.. I....just can't) 

3. broccoli, carrots, corn, edamame, peas, snap peas, salad mix, and black olives (and it better be black olives because just don't even bother)

4. FRENCH FRIES..but definitely not sweet potato because "ewww they're orange" ..hmphhh

5. yogurt and pudding and heck yeah! throw some jello in there!

6. "pink" milk, sometimes chocolate milk

7. strawberries, bananas, peaches, watermelon, and applesauce (better be applesauce or you get to gettin)

8. cheese pizza but it MUST come from Dominos. We've tried every brand and NOPE. Zero success rate so far. She will not budge. She will not conform. She will starve herself. 

9. pasta with very little sauce, but really any sauce on there makes a less happier Natalie.

10. anything with sugar and that forms the shape of candy or fruit pieces or comes in the form of cake. But only the icing will do. 

11. peanuts, pistachios

12. pretzels and saltine crackers 

Yup, I couldn't even make it to 13. 

So as you see here, she is definitely a vegetarian. And why she will outlive us all. 
So, for her school lunch do I just pack a can of beans, a can opener, and a piece of bread? Ya know, hobo style?? I bet the teachers would love that. 

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ejfbelt said...

Hahaha sounds like Syd!!!! The child eats the same meal everyday...
I read a great article about a mom who didn't care that she fed her kid the same thing day in and day out because all nutrients were gotten and mealtime wasn't a struggle!