Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear James,

My boy. My big boy. Actually, you're a mini-man now. I have to warn you, I'm always going to keep saying "you are getting so big I want to cry". You laugh at me when I say that. I'd laugh at me too. It really is funny, because I don't remember how you got to be so manly and macho and so gentlemanly so quickly. 
Every teacher and faculty member at your school completely loves you. A different person stops to tell me that often. I tear up sometimes because I'm just gushing with pride. Your teacher Mrs. H loves you so much. Oh man..come graduation she's going to cry too. 
You are excelling in school like crazy. You are at a 1st grade level with reading and math. Which basically in my eyes means you are a genius. I love seeing "school James". I have seen you in action as "school James" a few times now and each time lasted a few seconds. One time you were strolling down the hall, pass in hand, to go to the boys' room. You were swinging the pass, strolling, and humming a tune. It really made my heart swell. If that wasn't enough, I had a chance to see you receive your very first official elementary school certificate and you were beaming with pride. I want you to be proud of yourself- every accomplishment, every little teeny tiny accomplishment because if it's something you did, it's because YOU did it. Get it?
Okay kid. 
You've also been cracking me up lately with telling me that you want to marry Natalie. When I explain to you how the whole "marriage thing" is supposed to work you get the most confused look on your face. Then you tell me that you still want to marry her and then you hear me giggle again and that is that. You also talk about Natalie to your classmates often and you tell them about her special heart. You always call it that- "special heart". And you always say how much you love her. Does Natalie know how lucky she is??
And speaking of your 6 year old innocence, at the school playground recently we were walking by a chalk drawing on the ground of a girl someone drew in your class. You pointed out that this student drew boobs on the girl and sternly stated how "that is not appropriate". 
Heart melted again. 
You watch older kids shows now. This morning, you made fun of how babyish "SuperWhy" is and your'e right! You are actually getting too old for some of the PBS morning shows! Since when? Ahhh since recently I suppose. I did catch you happily watching "My Little Pony" the other day with Natalie. Your secret is safe with me. 
You eagerly await each new season and episode of "Wipeout" and "America's Funniest Home Videos". You also like to watch movies now. You love movies. You loved "Hop", "Cats and Dogs", and pretty much anything animal-related. You caught me watching a clip of a new movie called "Prometheus" coming out this summer. You are begging me to take you. I thought about how I was your age (actually Natalie's age) when I first saw "Alien". But I don't think I am ready to take you to R rated movies yet. Soon. Not yet. 

You and I like the same music, for the most part. I guess you don't have much control over that yet. But you do tend to gravitate towards rock music. I'm just happy it's not Lil Wayne or whatever. 
Cars. Cars are still a strong addiction for you. I would say your collection reaches well WELL over 200 cars now. You ask for more everyday. Lately you've been begging me to find you one that glows in the dark. 

You wear a size 7 (almost 8) pant. Or maybe you do wear a size 8 officially now. You were a size 2 shoe!!! And you wear a medium kids' shirt. I think that's about a size 7. You are also picky about your clothes now. You prefer to pick out your favorite outfit for school. When it doesn't match you hate hearing me tell you that. I let you wear it anyway. 
You have 2 missing teeth. Both on the bottom. 
You crack jokes whenever you can. You really are funny. Poop jokes are still a good one but you remember a few knock knock jokes and lately I've been hearing the whole what came first the chicken and the egg thing. 
You cherish your own privacy when you can get it. You sit in your closet and play with your toys quietly sometimes. Sometimes you sit in there with the light on, when you're  mad at me about something. You scream "you hate me mommy I'm moving outta here!!" when you're extra angry and upset. But 5 minutes later we're BFFs again. 

You ask how many calories come in food now.. even down to your vitamin. I'm not sure where that comes from. Lord knows not mommy! 
Seriously, not me.... 

You also eat like you're a starved grown man that just came off of a fast. I think it's safe to say that I can officially label you as a member (or 2) of the family when it comes to our food budget. And you love my matzo ball soup. Extra chewy of course. 

You grew over 3 inches last year and I'm pretty sure it was closer to 4 inches because your clothes (and my wallet) don't lie. 
You ride your scooter like a champ and you look forward to the mornings when you can ride it to school. You clearly got your awesome balancing abilities from daddy. 

James, you are my sweet boy. I love every little freckle on your nose. I love your hugs and kisses because I know that this stage is getting shorter and shorter. I love your laugh. I love your face. I love listening to you explain things to me. I love watching your hand gestures and face when you explain those things to me. I love watching those wheels turn inside your brain. You completely amaze me. To this day, I can't believe I'm the lucky lady that you call "mom". I get "mommy" if you're sick.

Even if it's in a whiny voice or it's screamed. 
Nonetheless, I am a lucky mommy.. err... mom. 

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