Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ramblin' Tuesday.

*James is totally convinced that the losers of "MasterChef" lose because they put poison in their food. (Also, totally cute that he and Natalie love this show.. they LOVE cooking shows!)

*Earlier, the kids were running around naked waiting for their baths and Natalie screams "JAMES COME AND BUMP BUTTS WITH ME!!!" I don't even know.

*We were VERY fortunate to be able to actually buy James most of his school supplies last night. Packs of Crayola crayons for 40 cents? Packs of index cards for 20 cents (for the husband of course). We bought everything we knew he would need and went about halfway with the rest. Seriously? 2 LARGE bottles of hand sanitizer? You get one. 24 glue sticks??? You get half that. 6 LARGE boxes of tissues? You get 3.
It all works out. The only thing that I couldn't find were the 12" paper plates. I've never seen 12" paper plates in my entire 32 years of living. So therefore, you get 6".

*Rick's job interview for this NON-CONSTRUCTION (so cool) position went really really well today. We'll know for sure in a couple of weeks. We are on edge.

*I keep sneezing.

*I should probably open up one of those boxes of tissue for James' class since I need it now. Okay, so now you get 2.

*Being up for 18 hours feels like 2 days. Also, sort of like death.

*We had more questions about Natalie's chest scars at the pool this evening. Natalie totally ate up the extra attention. I kind of did too. Whenever anyone asks and gives you such a warm smile, you can't help but ramble on about how cool this CHD warrior is.

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ejfbelt said...

they make you get so much so that everyone can share the supplies :(
I would prefer to buy what my child actually needs not supply the whole school...especially when you have to take out a second mortgage to afford the supplies in the first place!