Sunday, June 19, 2011

teeth, CAMPING!, and heart ache.

Other than the usual stuff (like enjoying summertime and living easy) going on over here.. I have some random oddities to add:

**We visit our community pool pretty much everyday and even when it's just me and the kids. It's awesome until James decides to float himself over to the 8 foot area on purpose because "mommy I am fine mommmmmy I got it I got iiiiit!!" Because clearly, I am embarrassing him in front of the ladies if I yell at him to "get back here now because you are giving me another heart attack". We are in the middle of teaching James how to swim and he totally does NOT lack confidence or have fear of the water. Which is really awesome. But not know how to swim.
Natalie is gaining more confidence in the water and goes into the 3 feet area with no floaty. She even jumps around and goes under the water.

**James has his first imaginary friend. So cute. I had one at his exact age and I made sure to tell him that. I asked him if it's a he or she and it's a boy. A boy named "Imaginary Friend". Seriously.

**He drew a picture of his imaginary friend and he used yellow crayon on red paper. He made sure to make him look only slightly visible. I think that's pretty brilliant.

**James also gives me more heart attacks (and just general heart ache) while watching him use his Razor scooter. He zips and zags and goes so so fast on it. The way he uses his body now is so BOY. It's hard for me to put into words..but he is really skilled. Such a big guy.

** Natalie has zero cavities and had her teeth cleaned last Monday. James actually received sealants a few months ago because he had the beginnings of what could have been a few cavities. Both kiddos right now are cavity-free and actually love flossing. I didn't even know what flossing was until I was in my 20s. Good to know our kids will have better teeth as they grow up than yours truly.
When we took Natalie to get her teeth cleaned last week, they had her sit in the x-ray chair. She excitedly ran to the chair, climbed up, smiled and waited for those x-rays. Really funny though, we didn't need x-rays again because that past Friday's x-rays were still good.
You see.. I kind of ... uh... forgot? to get Natalie's prescription filled for her antibiotics. She has to take a heavy does before every dental procedure- including cleanings. I told our cardiologist this and she laughed. She said "but that's because she is doing so well!" and that's so true. We've gotten to this mindset where we can put her heart condition on the back burner so much more often now.
So yes.... I was kind of embarrassed that Friday. The dentist office was understanding, though. So I didn't feel as stupid. Which is always nice when you forget things a lot.

**We are going camping for the first time EVER together come early July!!!!! To say that we are excited is not enough. Not enough at all.

**James asks me everyday when kindergarten starts.


**Natalie is obsessed with being like her big brother. She even wears his pajamas to bed. She idolizes her big brother so much. Secretly, I was smitten to see her run around the next morning in those clothes. She would make a very beautiful boy you know.
 (yes those are Star Wars shorts, why thank you for asking!)

**We went through a Yo, Gabba Gabba phase in our house.. wow.. it was before we ever moved to Colorado. It's been that long! But alas, the phase is back. They sing every song from every episode everyday.

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