Tuesday, June 29, 2010

panic at the crisco.

Oh no I didn't. Oh yes, I definitely did. You see what I did there?

I thought of that title late last night and just couldn't help it. I don't care how cheesy..
mmm cheese.
Here's what it has to do with: the anxiety some (?) of us moms (or dads) feel when our pantry and fridge stock levels go down. I don't know about anyone else and I know how weird I am, but there is just something unsettling when the amount of food we keep in our home goes low. Especially when the low levels hit the essentials. Guys, I FREAK out. Well, inside I freak out. There are many occasions where I pretend to not care because there are too many other issues to worry about. But even my husband would agree that he hears this alot:
"I have to go to the grocery store..must go.. we are out of food."
And we're LOW on food, but not totally out.
I don't know why I get like that. Am I preparing for a war? any natural disaster that could creep up on Colorado? It's not like we live near an ocean anymore where a huge hurricane could blast through our area. Why do I feel the need to panic when there's less food in the home? What can I do with just cans of beans, a leftover turkey basting bag, old celery, and flour?
Is it because I'm the mom and the moms are like the head food handler and we must not let anyone go hungry, like ever, because if we do we're the worst mom in the world?
I'm going to figure it out.
I could blame the many times in my teens going to the fridge and there being just a bag of raviolis in the freezer. Like, literally, that was the only thing in the entire white box. But, I definitely didn't suffer from those days because I wasn't skinny, that's for sure.
I don't know. I do wonder if I'm the only one that does that..


erin said...

First of all, I totally laughed at the title! Good one!

I'm actually NOT the food-shopper in my household. My boyfriend henry handles all of that, but sometimes he lets things get too low. I don't really have anxiety over it, but I definitely experience anger! It never fails - I'll have just poured a ton of cereal into a bowl and oh HELLO there's no damn milk left.

So frustrating.

Love your blog!

Chicke3 said...

I do the same thing Dawn...and my kid isnt even on solids yet lol....its a protective nature thing I think