Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our baby is 2.

While I should spend some time at some point talking more about Colorado, the reunion with my mom after 13 years and the first time Natalie and James have met her and my stepdad, and that type of awesomeness, it is my blogging duty and desire to talk more about how our "baby" just turned 2.
We arrived into Denver sans the Daddy (god I missed him that it was his birthday too).. the day before and well.. she was sleepy that morning.

But after some breakfast it was time to get serious..

..and for me to whip out the camera and catch every bit of beauty this girl has...
..then watch her jump after her balloons after her long nap..
..then we all took a nice walk to a local lake and park..and in my touristy way I kept snapping away..all I needed was a fanny pack.

..Natalie swung around for almost an hour..
while I watched James become more and more confident with slides (this is nothing now though..there is a HUGE tunnel slide at our local playground and he's addicted to it)
then it was time to eat some deliciously sugary cake..

we sang "Happy Birthday" while Natalie swung at my head and had a quick tantrum..
but you'd never know with how smiley she is here and I probably shouldn't have said the word "tantrum" because it scares me...

Happy 2nd Birthday sweetpea. Gosh you are so amazing, so smart, so funny, and so articulate now. You are such a firecracker.
I love you so much. I hope you grow up knowing how much I do.
your Mommy

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