Wednesday, May 27, 2009


When we took Natalie to her 2 year well visit on the 10th of April we had a mix of good and not as good stuff. The good being that Natalie is growing beautifully (30.6 lbs and 35 1/4" tall at that time) and her head is still huge, but there's no more concern about that like one of our past visits ..but that's been a while.
Her motor skills were booming then so there was lots of praise and happiness all around. Which by the way before I forget to mention, she is going to still be in the Colorado Infants and Children's program we just don't know how soon yet. We're still waiting on a letter from someone somewhere who Ms. Fran spoke to. If we don't hear something soon I'll call around. But honestly, this child is getting faster than me so that's why I haven't rushed it. She's doing so well with walking..err...running. But it will still be nice to get her more therapy.
Anyways, the checkup went great until we talked about her high anxiety or what seemed to be a high level. The concern at that time (and even a little now but with her hanging out with James' outgoingness she's gotten a heck of alot better) was that she would have huge like hyperventilative crying jags when we weren't holding her. And it had to be all.the.time. Now I know 2 year olds can be weird like that..but this was getting to be something that concerned us and yup, sure enough it was validated with our old pediatrician (who we miss like crazy). So, once our stupid insurance goes through..gosh it's taking forever..we can immediately set up a play therapy session with a child counselor and go from there. To be totally honest, Ricky and I aren't surprised with the anxiety issue. This child has gone through more than most of us adults have.. this goes beyond your typical "white coat syndrome". We'll see how this pans out.
Onto the second and last concern.. the doctor took a quick gander at Natalie's upper lip where her gap is (she's got the Madonna gap what can I say?) and she confirmed that she has a defect where her lip is connected to her gap..the frenum actually..and this is why she has the gap. So basically, it's an overgrowth of tissue that needs to be cut at some point when she's older..older as in age range of 7-12ish. It's a quick dental surgery called a "frenectomy" that lasts for about 10-20 minutes and from what I've read online, it's almost painless. The most of the pain is the swelling after.
Poor child..she can't catch a break. I tell ya. But, it's a minor thing and I have to remind myself to check James out because it's common for the siblings to also have.
So there you have it. Some "eeehhhh" news and some good news. I'm only 6 weeks late in reporting it. ..Only. lol

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Chicke3 said...

I had the frenectomy done a few years ago right before my praces were removed and before I had a hurts only alittle bit and they put this pink stuff over top of it to protect the inscion which looks like gum...considering everything else Natalie has been through this is a piece of cake....Though if you do get her braces....make sure she wears her retainer afterwards....I stopped wearing mine and my gap came back...its not nearly as bad as it was, but its still noticable...and once I start teaching and have insurance Ill be going back to the orthadontist and getting braces again....Thanks for the congrats! I am so excited and relieved to be finished school! *hugs*