Sunday, March 1, 2009

cute quickies

*James got new "big boy" shoes today. Big boy meaning a pair of "skater" style thomas the tank, no McQueen..just cool big boy shoes. I heart Wallymart.
*Natalie got an adorable stuffed otter from the California Bents (shout out to Lucy and Jesse..yo!) and hugged him right after opening the box after receiving, and quickly named him "Andy".
*Out of that box was also a cool pack of sea critters that James covets. Right now he's sleeping with the lobster again.
*Natalie has been walking.Walking.WALKING. We are so proud of our sweetpea. She walks so fast now and makes circles around the house over and over again. She barely crawls now. We are so proud.
*We're getting ready to pack for the big move, and James is addicted to playing with all the boxes. He keeps hopping into them and declaring that we should send him to California.
*The painting of the condo, and fixes of the bathroom are going well. We're getting there. ( don't think that counted as cute, but whatev. lol)

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Chicke3 said...

Awwwe!!!! I am so happy Natty is walking!!!!I especially loveer her naming the otter Andy and James wanting to be sent to CA! Hugs and love to all!