Friday, December 19, 2008

coming to a mailbox near you!

We couldn't get a whole lot of copies of the kids' pics this year, but we still got them done and they turned out so so well.
You wouldn't know it by looking at them, but both of them screamed and cried as soon as we went to the back area, with the prop table, backdrop and everything. We all looked to the corner, found this cool velvety red chair. Voila! Instant shots. And we aaaaalmost rescheduled the appt. Ha! (I don't think that would have made it better the 2nd time around honestly).
That morning, Natalie also woke up to a scratch on her face. That's always the way! Why is that?? If it's not a new bruise it's a scratch I tell ya.
But it all turned out beautifully.


Chicke3 said...

They're pics turned out wonderful!!!! I can not believe how quickly they are growing up....and just to let you know there is still a standing offer to babysit for you if you need a babysitter!

Chicke3 said...

Yeah, well its happened before with other friends....just need to be more careful about who I trust. Yes, next weekend will work just fine! Just let me know if and when you need me :-)!