Friday, October 31, 2008


Twas a pretty cool Halloween if I do say so myself.
James has a cold but coped really well this evening. I kind of made him take it easy the whole day since I knew how important it was to him to go out and have fun this evening. He actually took it pretty easy..ain't easy to do with a crazy toddler. Natalie had a good time. She was pretty excited how "yes?? you give me candy??" and then would dig into her pumpkin bowl right away to investigate and make sure that no one gave her crappy pennies.... or toothbrushes.
Or Charleston Chews (my cavities ache just thinking of those).

Ricky's back working some pretty good good that they involve him working pretty much every day and the commute is god awful..but it's money..we're desperate for money..and I must rush off of here to go and snuggle the big guy. He's exhausted.
Happy Halloween and hey,...uh Happy Daylight Savings!!


Two Lines On a Stick said...

So cute! Glad you guys had a good Halloween :)

Chicke3 said...

Cute CUte CUte!!!! Oh yeah Things are wonderful with me! Bobby came home and something snapped back in place for him and things are great! So thank you!!!!

Leanne said...

Terrific costumes! SO cute!