Monday, October 20, 2008

18 months already

A year and half gosh. are growing so fast!!! You are a full fledged toddler now. And when I think of how I'm a mom of TWO toddlers it makes me so happy..nervous..but happy. Your face is changing..all of your teeth (16 total to be exact) has elongated your face..your body shape is changing from a pudgy bellied baby to a leaner, more muscular, and still pudgy bellied toddler. Your legs are still chunky and are still tasty and your feet are still tiny (you wear a size You gosh.... your hair!! It's growing so fast I can't keep up with it. And it's so soft and baby fine and so so soooo curly in the back. You won't let me put a barrette or anything on your head so I am leaning towards having to give you bangs so you can stop pulling your wavy hair out of your eyes. Your eyes... oh your eyes. They are blue! But at times they change to green! It all depends on your mood. Blue= calm, relaxed, and lovey. Green= nervous, excited, or deep thinking.
Your rosy cheeks are still delicious for me to nibble on. Your button nose makes me smile..and your long shiny golden eyelashes and eyebrows make me smile, too.
There are so many things you're doing now:

*You pull to stand anywhere love to test yourself and do this in the middle of the the middle of the tub while bathing..anywhere where there's nothing for you to hold onto.
*You cruise the furniture faster and faster each week.
*You have such the temperament. Wow. You are so laid back but if you're dissatisfied with something you have NO problem yelling and letting us know that.
*You also yell while playing. Sometimes I have to make sure that you're not upset with something..but's the way you "talk" while
*Talking..the talking!!!!! Where did this come from so quickly??? I hate to compare you to James..but you are saying way more than he did at the exact age (he's back talking now so there's no contest here)... words and phrases that you say (at least the ones I can remember off the top of my head):
-"what dat?"
-"what dis?" <-----those two phrases are said all of the much that I run out of answers for you -"joosh" for juice -"mmmmmmm" for when you're hungry -"cacka" for cracker -"whoa!!!" for when you're excited -"Dis!" for when you hand us a crayon or chalk to draw with you or when you hand a book to us to read -"byeeeee" with a wave -"hiiiiiii" with a wave (the greetings are drawn out for -"clock" but just omit the "L".. lol for clock -"cah" for car (she LOVES cars) -"geen" for every color especially green -"ook" for look or book -"das" for dance That's what I can think of for now. *You are very assertive. *You are getting to be quite the social kid now. The stranger anxiety has worn off alot. When we went to the orchards for the fall festival Saturday we sat with a couple we just met and you let the wife hold you for a little bit. And you were comfy. *James still annoys you alot. And you let him know. *You CLIMB. You are testing yourself with that everyday. So much that we have to constantly keep our eyes glued to you because you find a way to climb onto alot of things. James was never the climber really so this is new to us. lol We always knew you'd be the real monkey. *You love your veggies still. Your kind of a picky eater..but you eat a good variety of food and for many days you out-eat James. *You have no interest in your baby doll. You just love jabbing it with the baby's bottle and they taking it for yourself. And then you throw her. *You love dancing.. you bust one fav. move- the side to side butt's too funny and cute. *You love horses. And dogs!!!!!!! *You love trains..I think more than James does actually. *Your favorite books are "Mister Brown Can Moo", a sound Thomas book, and our new nighttime book "The Bear Snores On". You aren't walking yet.. but boy oh boy when that day comes (and sooner than we realize) we're in for a treat.. We love you so much Natty. You are just so much fun.

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Oh my goodness Dawn she is soooo precious!