Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1 year....

Dear Natalie,
It is such a special day for you today. We almost let it slip, cause hey where did October come from anyway? Today is the 1 year anniversary since the day of your first open heart surgery. It's hard for me to describe exactly how I feel because I, your mommy, am so overwhelmed with thankfulness, happiness, joy, and hope with what you've become since that day.
I cried so much the day they rolled you out into the narrow hallway right from surgery ..laying in your hospital bed, looking so peaceful, and your color..oh my gosh..your color was so pink and beautiful. Your lips were so red. You fingers and toes were so pink. Not purple or blue.
You looked warm. I hoped that your dream was a good one.
I cried because we were so happy to see you like that for the first time in many weeks.. completely healthy looking. It's still amazes me just as much to this day.
We love you more than you could ever know. We just have to keep showing you how much and maybe one day you'll know.
You make your daddy and I so happy. You give me purpose.
And we don't mind sounding like big saps.
And I thank you for that.

Much love,
your mommy

(taken around 5pm October 1st 2007)
October 1st (afternoon time) 2008..


Kristin said...

What a great anniversary to celebrate. I'm thankful that there was a happy & healthy ending to it :)

Unkempt Mommy said...

YAY!!!!! This post totally made me tear up. Beautiful thoughts. Beautiful words. Beautiful little girl. No - GORGEOUS little girl.

And Baby Makes Three said...

Bless her little heart...what a great anniversary to celebrate!