Wednesday, September 24, 2008

oh no he didn't

James hit a complete stranger today. A girl.
And hit her in the boobs.

Now we know what utter embarrassment truly feels like.

.... So, we stopped this evening at my work joint to get ourselves a yummy treat and in line was a girl (about 17?18?) with a very tall guy with her. They're reading the menu as I talk to the owner and the other team member, I turn around to say something to them, and hear a GASP from everyone. All I see is James' right arm settle back down to his side and run away smiling. Everyone giggles and I still can't quite understand what's going on.
I ain't gigglin that's for sure.
They tell me he that "he must really like her shirt". She was wearing some sort of character shirt with bright yellow lettering and even the character was bright yellow. This poor girl, I come to find out, was not grabbed or tapped lightly, but was hit in the boobs right at the letters on her shirt.


What do you do in this situation?????? I still DON'T KNOW. I am still freaked out by it because it happened in front of my boss and to a regular customer of ours.
I'm not embarrassed of James..of his actions. Because he's never done anything like this before. I can't help but think of different things about it:
-he was overtired because he didn't take a nap (surprise surprise)
-he's a boob man (god help us)
-he has never EVER hit a stranger before. Never. And even when he hits one of us it's a big deal.
..and then I think of how people must think that we're bad parents. Then I keep kicking that to the curb because hell, we are far from perfect parents, but we aren't too shabby. I think. Damn...
So, we had James go up to her and apologize and he just stood there with a puppy dog look on his face: the look that gets the ladies apparently.
This young girl was so sweet and took it all so well.
She deserves a hug.
Not from James though.


And Baby Makes Three said...

Thanks for a good laugh this Thursday morning...

Chicke3 said...

I have the picture to prove he's a boob man.

But thats crazy....Did the girl say anything that may have hinted at why he hit her? and how did he get her in her boob? But relax, you guys are wonderful parents and did the right thing by making him apologize. Screw the rest of the world if they dont realize that a toddler doesnt completely know right from wrong yet.