Wednesday, August 20, 2008

oh wait that's right! we DO have a blog!!

I hang my head in shame ya'll (I never say "ya'll" in real life, but it's kinda fun to type).
Seriously. Where is the time going?? It's just about the end of August and I am in shock!
So many different happenings are going on over here in the Bent household, some not that big a deal..and some are pretty major. I don't know where to begin because as soon as I get a hold of some catchy way to do that, I lose my train of thought. lol
A curious crawling baby and curious (wanting to be potty trained) almost 3 year old does that to me I guess.
Hmm..potty training! Let's begin there, shall we?
James is getting more interested in using the potty. So, as the excited parents that we are, we were thrilled to help him to understand the whole potty training thing.
The hardest part, so far, that we've noticed is that James wants to use the potty but hasn't grasped the way of how to use it and when to use it. He doesn't want to be clean half of the time and that's the biggest challenge of it all.
He sits on the "big potty" (the regular one with a seat for him on top..which btw, I hate that one because the little "splash guard" thingie keeps breaking off...we want this ONE so we can do away with our small potty) and he actually prefers the regular toilet. So, we thought maybe we should run with that. The small potty is great because it doubles as a stepstool, but if we can get James to be used to the big one..well..there ya go. One less step to worry about. The small potty comes apart, and like I mentioned the seat sits on our toilet. The idea is great but we have an oblong shaped toilet and it doesn't work, and ripped a hole in our padded toilet seat. Back to a regular hard seat we go! (the soft ones are kinda gross...why oh why did I think that was a good idea?)
But James does feel better about sitting on the potty seat. He reads there, plays there, and sometimes even wants to stand on it. Huge improvement from months ago. We've taught him more about poop and pee..and it's very exciting stuff don't ya know!? I think the grossest thing we've done, but has gotten the message across for James, is that everytime he has a poopy diaper, we try to at least dump some of it in the toilet and let him help us flush it. He does ask everytime now to flush it so that's cool... and still gross. But hey, we all poop and pee. At least I think that's true...
So anyway.. we are in the midst of sort of "pre" training James and we are really patient with him. We let him choose some Lightening McQueen "undywear" as James puts it, and he's so so ecstatic to put them on. He's worn them twice and peed on the floor both times. But he feels bad about it (poor kid) but now he says "I try again Mommy!". He's so awesome.
And ya know, he actually holds his pee for HOURS before it happens. I'm so proud of him. We know he'll get it sooner or later. The fact that he gets to feel what it's like to wear undywears (lol) and be like a big boy is pretty decent encouragement. It's so worth cleaning pee of the floor for.


Jesse said...

Amazon has all different colors of the BabyBjorn w/ free shipping for a few bucks less:

Dawn B said...

Hey thanks Jesse!!!! I wanted to check Amazon but never did. lol Thank you thank you. I think we're actually going to order that this weekend.

Leanne said...

'I try again, Mommy'... OMG, that is the cutest thing I've read all day.

Love the Bjorn potty products. We didn't try the training seat, but we have a couple of Bjorn potty that we love.

Good luck with the potty training, it sounds like he's off to a terrific start!