Friday, March 28, 2008

all in due time

Today was so much better with James. Compared to yesterday evening's tantrum mania he really made up for it by being so patient and good at the grocery store for a FULL HOUR! The grocery store we go to has those car/carts where the kids can sit near the bottom and "steer" the car. Usually James is terrified of those carts. Today he wasn't!!! He had a blast!!! I must be the dorkiest mom ever because as soon as I saw him in it, with people around, I shouted "that's so cool!!! way to go James!!!"
I don't care if I'm a dork.
I like dorks.

Oh and Natalie had one of her last RSV shots for this season, did very well..okay, well she screamed but she did great. The doctor is still not concerned with how she's not crawling or scooting around yet. As soon as she saw Ricky stand her up on the exam table she was very pleased with her leg (and body) strength. All in due time. Because when she starts walking a WHOLE new chapter begins. LOL
Oh and did I mention that she weighs 22.6 pounds???? Yeah... I know.

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