Thursday, December 20, 2007

Natalie! You are 8 months already!

I still don't think we get that it's been 8 months already. LOL So many things have been going so well with you lately that it's hard to pick what they are.
You are still a very happy baby. But a happy baby that has learned to use temperament to get what ya want. And it's so funny, because you are so patient. But if we're taking an extra minute to get you cleaned up or dressed you get so upset..but it's so funny. Like for instance, when you're laying on the changing table or floor and you WANT TO GET OFF OF THERE RIGHT make a "aahhh" noise and thrust your hips up and down. LOL Your daddy and I laugh at that so much.
Your back muscles are getting much stronger every're almost ready to sit up on your own but we still help you. You can easily spend a half hour in your exersaucer now having fun. You still lean over alot..not really keeping your back straight..but you have fun so it's no reason to rush you. Lately, you've been putting alot more weight on your legs and feet if we hold you upright. And you smile at that. Oh that smile. =)
You love playing on the floor. Occasionally you'll roll over to your tummy and try to go after a toy you want. You panic a little because I guess you surprise yourself with being able to do that and I think you also feel like you're getting stuck. So we help flip you over after letting you have your tummy time.
Sometimes we catch ourselves comparing you to James at 8 months or even some other babies but we keep having to remind ourselves that you are different. A good different. You're taking longer with the physical stuff but gosh... we know that those milestones will happen. And it was all expected before you even had your surgery. I guess it happens that we compare too because we sense how much you want to get around but can't yet. You will honey... you will. All in due time. We get to enjoy you as our immobile baby for a little bit longer. We are very lucky for that.
You are so coordinated with your hands. My gosh. You do what's called the "pincer grasp" so well and eat your puffed stars. LOL You look so proud when you do it too. And you should!! You eat 3 solid food meals a day now with bottle in between. Next week we're going to begin weaning you off of the Isomil (soy) formula and into the milk based stuff. So at least then you can try cheese and yogurts. yum!! ;)So far, you eat pretty much anything we give you.. except for a few of the Gerber 2nd foods. You definitely aren't sure about pees, but you LOVE LOVE corn and sweet potatoes. And you're just like love LOVE fruit. But you're still not sure about juices right now. We think it's because it's kind of a strong taste. Maybe we'll try diluting it.
You are growing out of your clothes faster than we buy them. We got desperate and actually went to Walmart this evening to buy clothes because you hardly had any left! Poor thing! But now you have a very nice collection, at least, of some cute sleepers, play clothes, and pj's. You're in the 12 month size now.. whoa.
You go to your next cardiologist appt. on the 18th of February. And with how healthy you are now, the doctor "warned" us that after that appt. you'll be going alot less each year until you turn the age where you're ready to get your next and last surgery. I keep thinking that 3 is the magic number. Don't know why. Probably because you're so big. lol But we'll take one thing at a time..for now we get to not worry about it and just let you enjoy life and we get to enjoy you.
We love you so darn much Natalie (our "Natty"). And we are so excited about this holiday season being your first.


Anonymous said...
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Valerie said...

She's such her own little person now! She's grown so much.. She's been through so much also. One of the strongest little girls I have ever met!!! Happy 8 months baby girl!! Much love!!

Bennet said...

Hi Dawn, what a cute baby! My name is Bennet Goldberg, and for many years I have tried to locate your uncle,David Ehrlich, a close friend during my childhood years in the late 1960s. In fact he's one of the few people that has been almost impossible to find via google, etc. Your mother-in-law (mom?) Judy and Wilma will both know who I am instantly. Please ask David to get in touch with me at Thanks

Leanne said...

Aww... she's lovely! Happy 8 months, Natalie!