Thursday, June 28, 2007

new photos!!

yummy hands!!!!
smiling at the dangling lion..
..and again..LOL

Natalie and James are doing great. So are mommy and daddy. We're a bit exhausted, though but that's another story we'll save for later. LOL
We're in the midst of finalizing everything for moving into our first REAL home in July. More details to come soon...
Natalie had her pediatric pulsox and weight check today! Pulsox percentage was 89-90% and weight at 10lbs 5.5oz. Wanna know something? We are very happy that we will no longer being going to the cardiologist office that we've been visiting. Instead, we're going to stick to seeing the two doctors at the main hospital where their equipment works properly. Between the guy that worked at the other office messing with the pediatric scale (he never did get it back down to zero before weighing Natalie) and their pulsox machine never working 100%, we'll be better off at JH. So! there ya go! Some very excellent numbers and some very excellent photos, too. lol
And as Natalie's pediatrician says, "she's great..she's right on track". So, there ya go. So whenever I start worrying, just smack me back into reality (but in all fairness... 86% pulsox reading is good from what I hear..just lower that what doctors prefer). Oh and as far as the eating situation goes.. Dr.S isn't so concerned because apparently, some babies eat like Natalie does! She says that sometimes babies eat the bare minimum and gain a good amount of weight (James used to eat like 30-40 oz in a whole day by the end of his 2nd see how we couldn't compare??)LOL . And she says that Natalie probably fits into that category. She's a firm believer that it has absolutely nothing to do with her heart condition since she's been so healthy. And coming from a great doctor and a mother who knows this firsthand (her son has VSD)...we trust her 1000%. =)

UPDATE: Nothing important But Ricky noted that Natalie looks like a doll in the last picture. She does!!! With posable arms and all!


Kirsten said...

Could they be any cuter those two? I don't think so!

CaesMom2002 said...

How freaking gorgeous is she? My gosh. She's gonna be a heartbreaker. I am so glad to read that you have a pediatrision that is great. It really takes some time to find a good one. And I am sure she'll be fine. She's likely just like the other children who don't eat much, but when they begin, they never stop!!! LMAO... SO watch out your pantry is going to be invaded by her soon enough... lol
And I am so damn proud of you guys for having your very first home of your own. I can't wait to see pictures and come and see it for ourselves. It's awesome.

Jen said...

I still can't get over what good-looking babies our family makes!
James looks so much like a big boy playing with those megablocks...and Natalie is soooo pretty!!

Elizabeth said...

strange things about babies, they know when to eat and they will eat when best friends little brother was like that and still is and is healthy as a horse. He would go for a day or two without eating a ton and they def let you know when they are hungry!
she looks great! as does james!
give us a call and let us know when a good time to stop over is :)

Anonymous said...

Good move sticking with the JH doctors. Natalie looks GREAT! I'm so glad her eating habits aren't going to be a negative for her. James (future heart breaker), is one cool little dude. Love the pic of him wearing the "shades." PP

Anonymous said...

I came to see your little Natalie. Liz was talking about how cute she is. Congratulations and I'll pray for her good health. I know first hand how scary any and everything with a baby is.
Love, Liz's Mom