Monday, October 30, 2006

Mister Independent

James has really come along way in such a short time!! He officially will only eat most foods if he feeds himself now. Which is great!! Especially since we've been giving him lots and lots of finger foods. Some things he loves (or at least loves to practice with): carrots, lima beans, wheat pasta, peanut butter on bread, peas (a shocker! he hates the jarred, banana, corn, chicken, and this list goes on and on and on. And what is really cool is that most of these things we already had in our fridge or freezer! So, for the most part, goodbye to jarred food! And, this week he's going to try whole milk. We're going to start phasing out the formula for good really soon. So by his year birthday (sniff) he'll be done with the formula and we'll just make sure to give him vitamin drops in his milk. And really, this is all so we can keep up with his needs, not really a saving money issue since we'll be out buying that stuff again soon. LOL
We have so many good pictures we need to post here that we've lost count. LOL We promise to get those up by Wednesday. Tomorrow we're going to take him to the mall in his costume so we all get to a good walk, PLUS let the cutiepie look at all of the other costumes. James is going to be a pirate too! We really had our hearts set on either a vampire or lobster costume, but he's too big for all the ones we found. LOL Go figure. So a pirate it is. And a cute pirate he will be.
OH gosh, and yesterday James hit his head again. :( He was interested in taking a tour of our tiny bathroom, grabbed the door that was open with both hands and slid down hitting his poor noggin on the tile. OUCH. He's completely fine though. But a nice sized "goose egg" appeared. Now it's a horrible looking bruise. It really breaks my heart. And he keeps accidentally tapping it on other surfaces when he plays. I keep joking with him telling him he needs to control his head. But luckily, us Bents all have very hard heads. I wish I had pictures to show you of the constant head bumps I had as a kid. GEEZ, I swear. I had lots. And huge "unicorn horn" looking ones too. But I was always okay. So far, no concussions.
And we have officially decided to get his hair trimmed in a few weeks. Certain portions of his hair are growing way faster than So, to get him primped for his "Supersweet First" birthday party, he'll be sporting a seriously cute 'do.

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