Wednesday, April 4, 2012

moments of glory.

We always want to take the perfect photo of our children. We love them so much and we need them to just smile... please smile already? We bribe them.. we beg them..sometimes, we just give up and snap the photo. Sometimes, everything is peachy until you snap the photo but then you review it on your digital camera and it's nothing like what you thought you captured. Photo fail. And the moment is lost.

Years ago, we received some of the best advice ever: 
"Take pictures of your children misbehaving and even crying, you'll enjoy it later down the road."

And sometimes, you fantasize about showing your children these captured moments when they're 14 and they invite the opposite sex over for dinner one evening. Naked butt baby pictures and frontal nudity's all you have to prove that your once 6 year old loved running around naked after showers constantly and even scream "HAHAHAHAHA I'm not wearing any clothes!! nannynannybooobooooo"

But next to those types of photos, these take the cake....

These are what I call, future moments of glory. Enjoy!

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