Friday, April 27, 2012

Just a bunch of random things..

This morning James had some reading and comprehension tests to help make sure he is ready for kindergarten. Well not only did he reach the minimum level of an 8, but he exceeded it! All the way to a 12 which means that he is at a mid to late 1st grade level! I kept telling him how proud he should feel of himself. He's worked SO hard all year long. And his teacher pushes and pushes him.

Around Tuesday Natalie felt sick. At this time of year I can't figure out if it's allergies or a cold. But the poor kid started crying from war pain yesterday morning.

UPDATE: I typed this whole post on my phone. I think it's hilarious that it says "war pain" and not "ear pain". I'm keeping it.

We almost got an 11am appointment. But then got an immediate reminder that a special needs child needs extra special attention even if it's "just" ear pain. So we were bumped to 3:15pm so we could see a nurse that understood Natalie more. I was irritated and thankful. And yes, it was confirmed to be an ear infection. 10 days of antibiotics and a gallon of yogurt should do it. She's already feeling a little better.

When you're a married couple I totally understand that a sex life is not only essential to your sanity, but sometimes it's all you've got. The loud neighbors upstairs are young, have a 2 year old and probably put us to shame. This afternoon I was getting the computer ready for a 5th viewing of "The Diary of the Wimpy Kid" for the kids. Sure enough, the neighbors were at it again. I'm not ready to have an in-depth talk with the kids about squeaky beds yet, so like the mature adult I am, I asked the kids to start being loud. They started giggling loud, making funny noises, and well...... it worked! At least until tonight I'm sure.

The kids are now officially addicted to riding their bikes!

I got some questions about why Natalie is on such a tiny bike. It's the only bike I could get her on. And I got it on sale. Everyone wins. At least for next 2 months until her knees hit her arms. 

OH that's Natalie by the way!!

And this is my very tall James on a 20" bike. Stop being so tall, you!

Just call me "Don".. again.. I had a flashback memory of my 1998 tax refund check- apparently I still can be considered a man.


Sorry for the sideways-ness. I'm kind of lazy today.

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