Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I should just shut up.

It was about 10:45 last night when I stated to the husband that "gee.. we have all been really well lately." He nodded, but I sensed his nervousness and overwhelming feelings of JINX and shut up.

At 11:00pm, I hear a whimper come from the kids' bedroom. Thinking that I'm hearing the 2 year old upstairs crying yet again, I ignored it.

11:02pm, I hear the sounds of whimpering again. Immediately I take my right hand and slap myself because I just know what's going on and who it is.
It was Natalie.

"ooohhhEEEHhhhh I am so stuffy. I can't sleep." *sobs*

Inside my head: "good going Dawn."

I gave her a dose of Benadryl, a box of tissues, a few cuddles, and said "goodnight". I needed to get out of there. My rule- get out fast if there's no fever. Because if you don't they'll eat it up.. they'll eat YOU up and you'll never leave the room without a hand attached to yours. I had to take a shower, still so there was no way.

Midnight: "I still can't sleep" *sobs*
More cuddles and I leave the room with her smiling and feeling relaxed.

1:30am: Out of a very light sleep, I hear the kids' bedroom door open (I always know because I can hear their fan even more now).. slowly the knob turns.. the door opens.. and there's Natalie again..standing at the doorway. Crying.
I gave in and let her sleep in between us in our queen-sized bed.

From 1:40am until 6:30am I was kicked in my vagina, my back, and my hamstrings. Oh and I was punched in the boobs. Both boobs. Sleeping with a 5 year old is exactly what it would be like to sleep with a buffalo. A buffalo with a curly wig and purple blanket in it's hand.

I woke up this morning and she was laying sideways with used tissues covering her face. We're looking at a classic cold. Natalie can't sleep with a stuffy nose. That's the problem. Just like her mama.

At 9:30ish this morning, the husband came home sick with some sort of stomach bug. I would like it if both of these people would keep their wet, slobbery kisses away from me.

Dear Universe, I would like to fast-forward to a week from now. M'kay thanks. Love you!


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