Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday jibber jabber.

**The whole incident that happened last Friday was taken care of by the school. Words can't express enough how glad I am. From what it sounds like, I think the other child was suspended. 3 days missing out of class = something went down. Without more detail, because it's all over now, I'm so grateful.
I guess an email with the word "bullying" spelled out at least 5 times definitely did the trick. Man that brings back memories... *shiver*

**I want to state for the record that if one of my children were to ever bully another child I would be on them like white on rice. Yes, it's okay to take the route of "oooh my precious baby.. oh he/she does NOTHING wrong!" but just prepared for anger and glares. And no friends. I know that both of my children could be capable of throwing a fist in a time of being super pissed off.

**As I type this, someone is actually hammering something at 9:30pm. Like, pretty loud. I wonder what they're building. Maybe it's something amazing.

**The kids are starting to ask for birthday parties. Since tomorrow is Natalie's birthday and there was no time for anything really organized, then starting with James' next birthday we'll do birthday parties. I guess my whole "heeey..I won't do one if they don't ask.. shhhh" is out the window. Don't even get me started with how crazy it is that parents spend WAY too much on parties for their kids. Remember when you were growing up your friends would get their cake, get their presents, maybe play "pin the tail on the donkey", and then that was it? And it was FUN. I miss the 80s.

**Speck of truth- I've never had a birthday party when I was a kid.

**Another speck of truth- I'm actually okay with that.

**I miss the 80s.

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