Sunday, April 1, 2012

6 biggest epiphanies of the day.

Coming home after midnight on a Saturday night because your children are at grandma and grandpa's is kind of awesome. 

Seeing "Disney on Ice" for 1st time yesterday did exactly what I thought it would do- make us miss our time spent during Natalie's Make a Wish trip even more. (But it was so worth it). 

It's okay to paint your 6 year old son's toenails black. At least he calls it "the rockstar color". 

This will be the 5th month where we haven't had to freak out about finances as much. I thought this blog would turn into the most depressing thing ever if our bad streak hadn't ended. Much less, how the hell our lives would be like. Even with our bankruptcy still full steam ahead. The feeling of getting on track is WELL worth the 100+ pages I've already printed out for our file.

We move in June and we can start looking at properties to rent. After several years, we're able to search for something larger and with a yard. OMG.

Natalie is going to turn 5 in 21 days. 

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