Sunday, April 15, 2012

4 years ago to this day...

Every so often I dive into the archives here to see what I posted a year or so before. I really love doing this for 2 main reasons.. A.) It's so funny to re-visit those exhaustingly difficult days. Well, I thought things were so difficult. Boy was I wrong!  and B.) I see how I haven't changed much. I'm still the same mom- worry-wort at heart and even 4 years ago, you can see that alive and well:

This was the post where James had croup and we didn't even know that. In fact, Natalie was sick for her 1st birthday a few days later and had a visit to the ER in the middle of the night. She and James both had croup, but she was treated. I had no idea that James had that. But he never complained. I read this post and feel really guilty. It's really funny when I type "So exhausted I can't even think straight and I can't believe I'm even typing this post... So, I'll look back on this entry and hopefully say 'wow..he was sick but got better fast!" 
And he did! 
And we also never made our trip to Tampa because Natalie was so ridiculously sick. I think she was given like a liter of steroids to drink, or at least what felt like it. 
I also enjoy counting how many times I write the word "exhausted". 
I also can hear the "seal cough" immediately and know that it's croup without even googling a thing, now. 

4 years ago.... and I'm still complaining about germs. ; )

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