Thursday, April 26, 2012

10 Guilty Pleasures

#1- Hearing the latest dirt or tabloid about a celebrity. What is it about us that makes us feel great when a celebrity (i.e REAL PERSON) is in turmoil? Sick I know. But great for my self-esteem. Yes I am a much better mom that Octomom. Or something like that. Actually, give me a few more years and my house will look way worse than hers.

#2- I love watching people wandering around to look for the rental office that's located upstairs, in the same corner as my building. We live on the ground level so our view is of walking legs to and from the front door all day. Also, views of car mirrors projecting retina burning light reflected directly into your eyeballs. But I do.. I kind of feel guilty but I love watching people scratch their heads, stare at the humongous rental sign on our building, and still not be able to figure it all. I usually say something if I'm outside.. a cheerful "maybe I can help you?" but usually I just sit in my living room and watch.

#3- This sort of goes with #2. I watch people park DIRECTLY in front of our living room window and get towed. That spot is for the disabled and they definitely aren't. Then they come back outside with a hefty fine and do the same thing.. scratch their heads..totally befuddled.. and then shake their heads. Sigh.

#4- Using my iPhone and reading my magazines while I hide out in the bathroom. Sometimes I do my thang, and purposely sit there for an extra 10 minutes. I guess that's the benefit of being a woman.

#5- 90's R&B music. There's nothing like hearing "Tennessee" by Arrested Development in the car on an actual radio station.

#6- facebook... Facebook...FACEBOOK.. the book of face. Thankfully I don't use this for games, really. I've tried a couple of those but I can't sit in my chair that long to finish any. But my guiltiest of all pleasures when it comes to #6 is searching for random names that pop in my head. Hey, it's kind of nice to know my ex-boyfriends are alive. See #1 if you'd like to know how I feel about any that aren't doing as well as I thought.

#7- Instagram. You can "Instagram" any photo and it will turn out to look like you're a professional. Or in just my case, just pretending to be.

#8- A super cold can of Pepsi. There is just nothing like it. Now I'm literally salivating for one.

#9- Cheese. Any kind. I don't care. Just give me some.

#10- Watching anything in my "let's watch" list illegally online since I has no cable. If I finally get to watch the latest "Mad Men", "Dexter", or "Breaking Bad" I am happy to my very core. I also am guilty of watching "16 and Pregnant". I've watched almost every episode in the 4 seasons. I know... I know.

So tell me your guilty pleasures. I wanna know!!! ; )

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